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Saturday, 22 July 2017


Ker displays a lovely pair what a shame we don't see what Sybil as to offer.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Just a Thought 38.

It's that time of the year again where family and holidays take priority and my time is a little limited,so please bear with me as I can only post updates when time allows.

I shall be back to full throttle by late August but for now I must meet up with the ex and catch a flight to Berlin.

Monica's Foxy Boxers

Many years ago wrestling promoters used to throw in midget's wrestling and this smacks of those days only with gloves.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


I have to admit that the Greek language is a total mystery to me and from what theguy in the Greek cafe tells me these girls are more noted for their skills in MMA.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Frauen Boxen Show-Kampf 22.04.2017

There is often a feeling among fans that they follow a minority interest and yet in Germany female boxing crops up in the strangest of settings.This bout was from the Tattoo Festival in Frankfurt.


Some girls love this!!!
Guess who???

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Ashley Brace vs Nevenka Mikulic

An interesting step up in class for Ashley Brace
recording her seventh win against Croatia's Nevenka Mikulic
eleven years her senior at thirty seven years old and although she often lost as been in with some very good company,only last year she went the distance with Germany's"Killer Queen"Susi Kentikian.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Natasha Jonas (debut) vs Monika Antonik 2017-06-23

From the London Olympics to two years out to have a baby and now a pro debut at the age of thirty three Liverpool's Natasha Jonas could be making up for lost time.

Friday, 14 July 2017


If there is an actress who took part in more fights for the silver screen than Pam I can't think of her.

Chantelle Cameron (Pro Debut) vs Karina Kopinska

Another pro debut at the Motorpoint Arena,Cardiff.Northampton's Chantelle Cameron
made to work by Karina Kopinska from Poland who out of 32 fights as only won 9 with 3 draws.At twenty eight Karina
is one of the hardest working and most traveled having fought all round Europe and Scandinavia her next fight is in Benidorm,Spain this month. 

Thursday, 13 July 2017


Reni seems to have the measure of Zsuzsa,but someone did pose the thought would she have had the same dominance in a topless bout where Zsusza's incredible breast smother would be mor effective?


Over a period of time I have had contact with fans from most parts of the world and we all share a regret and that is none of us ever met the late Jeff the Ref.
We have all heard small snippets like his wife never objected as he had never married and I think a newspaper conducting a hatchet job on Festelle Video once claimed he made a living as an unqualified accountant.
I feel sure that had he recorded his life in print before his untimely death it would be a best seller with fans to this day.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Sisters in law fighting .

Now what could sisters in law fall out about?Whatever they certainly want to fight encouraged by friends or could they be family?


Possibly not a name new to fans in Wales where she as been around the scene for I believe around three years,but now seems to be featured in headliners around the U.K.and Europe.

The Vintage Villainess is the handle that goes before the name Kat Von Kaige.

Just a Thought 37.

According to reports the idiots who wreaked havoc in Hamburg are the Black Bloc an international group of loonies reputedly from as far apart as Spain,Italy,Germany and of course the U.K.

I watched a few hours of events on a live stream with friends and we all agreed that the police were very restrained.But how on earth do these people manage to travel from country to country when none appear to work?
Was I Wrong?
Possibly that should be a statement not a question as I thought after lending their support for the U.K.'s number one socialist/communist Corbyn they had all headed for Hamburg.But I was wrong some have stayed behind and revived the Cornish Republican Army intent on driving the ethnic cleansers from Cornwall.The ethnic cleansers being those who have opened business and employed local people,the latest target being restaurant owner Rick Steine
whose place in Porthlevin was burned out last month.
Now what as the guy done wrong?Oh of course the local job center could have sent their members to wash dishes there and get paid.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Hannah McNally vs Ellen Nunn - Bout 14. 'Ultimate Boxing 28' Water Lane ...

This reminded me that I have seen nothing of Hannah or Ellen recently.It could be that like many girls who are loosely involved in MMA they move into semi pro boxing to earn a few quid,


Lesley Fox is Russian girl with some English and as created almost a Super Hero character.

Monday, 10 July 2017

McCarter vs Szabados FULL FIGHT: April 29, 2017 - PBC on FS1

I'd be interested to know how much Miss Szabados got for this fight as it highlighted the difference in lifestyle there is for female fighters in parts of Europe.

I picked up on the comment that she had a day job back home in Hungary.You have to wonder who is the match maker when you see a girl with her record in title fight.In three of her last four fights she as been stopped and a couple of years back was beaten on points by U.K.part timer Kelly Morgan.


A mixed bout for the Private Collection with Yasmin
who hadn't joined the fashion for shaving and displayed a fine black pubic mound.

Sunday, 9 July 2017


It may be wishful thinking but wouldn't you just love to see Lucy in a wrestling or boxing contest?

LWS KARMEN V XENA armwrestle.

.Amazing effort from two strong girls.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

ARM wrestling Competition & • more •

A girl getting quite a following with fans of fitness and muscle Lucy certainly looks the part.


A friend of mine who saw this came up with the suggestion that the guy had a few too many beers last night and couldn't perform,so wifey dragged him to a gym where all her friends were waiting dressed him in a pair of her tights(pantyhose)and gave him a good beating.

Crystal Hackman vs Kristen Spencer

This took place a few years back,but for out and out violence from two girls who are not the most skilled it is almost a classic.

Friday, 7 July 2017


Ever wondered what your wife does when she goes to the gym?

Princess Paula & Klondyke Kate v Teenage Tracey & Nicky Monroe

Another from the days when Welsh tv featured the ladies,the Reslo shows like this were often broadcast from Holiday Camps around North Wales where Klondyke Kate had a almost pantomime villain status with the kids.


Sad news as just reached me of the passing of the pioneer of the scene Judell Dulong
the lady who got many a fans interest in a world where the girls wrestled for real.
Without this lovely lady it's often said we would probably never seen the likes of DWW and others.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Crazy Woman Fight!

Another attempt to copy Queen of the Hood?


I'm always a little baffled as to why DWW went from the successful format of boxing topless to the girls stripping naked and almost always to forget the boxing and roll around the mat in what is often not good wrestling.


Doesn't time fly it's hard to believe this was twenty two years ago and don't some of these girls look young and sylph like?

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Another of those worst of the worst from Japan.This time it's the schoolgirl theme,for some reason in a ring,where it takes half the time limit to realise it's warm work in school uniform and they strip down,a little.


An outlet that we in the U.K.didn't get too much from was Video Sports which is a shame as only now are we getting more of their work on the net.

Just a Thought 36.

In preperation for the arrival of the great unwashed and rent a mob in Hamburg for the G20 German police have a garage full of water cannon.

In the U.K.we often ask why don't we use this tactic?Are that's right those from rent a mob who have never worked nor are ever likely to work have human rights.Welcome to my world gone mad!!
Reasons Why?
Even before the G20 Summit had started the water cannon were deployed to remove unautherised gatherings and camping from the Altona area of Hamburg.

They were also used in the St.Pauli neighbourhood where protestors were blocking roads in various locations having already been used on Sunday night to clear around 600 people from an illegal tent city on the banks of the Elbe where pepper spray was also used.
The authority's are expecting around one hundred thousand of the great unwashed.Sounds like a hell of a lot of water and pepper spray to me!!!

SATURDAY in Germany.

Just a reminder for fans in Germany WBF Lightweight Champ Nicole Wesner
defends her title against Hasna Tukic
some seventeen years younger than Miss Wesner.

The bout takes place at the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle,Ludwigshafen and looking the past records may or may not be worth few litres of fuel to go and watch.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


I'm always a beaten by how a country that turns out so much good stuff can also churn out these.I can't make my mind up which is worse  the girls who start out with whips,or the mixed match with the worst masked man ever.

XANA and others at Athena.

Xana is probably the star of this tape in her bout against Kassidy,though the others are well worth the watch.


I wonder how many times this scenario as been played out.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Angel McManus vs Rusty Blair

You'll have to indulge me when I dig  odd ones of these out,but the late Orig Williams in Rhyl,North Wales was one of the first promoters to give the ladies a real go and Angel and Rusty were very popular at the time.


A friend of mine mentioned talking with my ex and her telling of the time when I volunteered my services as minder to a stripper who worked bars and clubs.
She still laughs when she describes me at the side of a little stage,knuckles rubbing on the ground picking up items of discarded clothing while watching for the odd groper at the front.
Surprisingly I only recall one such groper and for my part I carried the guy out with a busted nose after the stripper hit him!!
My mate picked out these couple of videos because they remind him of girls who worked those bars and the sort of acts they put on.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


How many fans would gladly swap places with Clay who seems to spend his days getting to grips with some lovely young ladies.

'Unladylike' - The fight for female boxing

Only a short time as passed since this was made and in may cases women's boxing still operates almost underground on a semi pro level.
It's interesting to hear some of the pioneers of recent years like Jane Crouch and the reaction to those bouts a little further back with Sue Atkins who did in fact take part in a bout for Festelle,but not topless.


Got to admit this was something different for the weighin.Though what relation to a Native American Poland's Miss Brodnika
is I have no idea.
Interestingly she as 14 wins from 14 fights at Super Featherweight,though all have been on home soil.

Saturday, 1 July 2017


Fritz new he'd been in a bout when he came to London's Submission Room.

VeVe belly punch

One for fans of the belly punch scene and credit to VeVe and friend they really go for it.

1950s Seedy Hamburg at Night, Reeperbahn, Wrestling, Strip Club

Both these clips are interesting as Germany as always held an interest in female combat dating back to the war years and here you see how it found it's way to the sex shows of Hamburg's Reeperbahn during the fifties and sixties.
My ex was amused by the ladies mud wrestling and wearing bathing caps so as not to get mud in their hair.

Jerica Jack vs Tressie Schwering

Not sure of the background to this apart from it dates from around 2001.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Just a Thought 35.

A guy in Argentina who claims to be 128 years old as also claimed to be Adolf Hitler having arrived 40 years ago on a passport forged by the Gestapo.
A guy who I knew some years back made a similar claim,but when he was towed away to the local funny farm he had a change of heart and claimed he was Elvis.
What to do!!!
I mentioned before that a friends daughter is a lesbian and I had a comical conversation with her the other day.She wanted to know what kind of offence she should commit in order to get sent to Her Majesty's Prison,Send in Surrey,as new reports have named a warder Faron Selvage
as having breached prison rules in a relationship with prisoner
Sydnee Offord.My friends daughter felt the talent in lockup looked better than that in a local gay bar. 
What's on TV??
Countries around the world have tv stations that set out to shock,here in the U.K.we have Channel 4 about to start it's second series of Naked Attraction which will feature 363 shots of female genitalia and 166 shots of male genitalia and transgender contestants will be taking part.Oh and  pansexuals as well.What on earth is one of those???

VeVe v Kevin

It's a pity I can only find the last round of this as VeVe and Kevin have really got warmed up so much so that VeVe suffers the odd nipple slip.


It's hard to believe that after the swinging sixties that attitude to women's boxing going  into the seventies and eighties could have been like this.


A couple of new releases from Models Wrestling in France look interesting.

Thursday, 29 June 2017


I have been asked a number of times what became of Oilwrestlers?And I'm sure some years back I was told,but memory as failed me on this so a refresher please.


A classic from yesteryear with two girls who were retired by the 1990's

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Some match ups could be made in heaven and if ever there were two girls who fit the bill it's Edita and Nadege who always put on a hot sweaty and exhausting show.

East Bay Rats Fight Night 2016-09-04 #3 Lydia Girl Fight

Can't be sure which girl is Lydia but credit both girls for a real fight.Both must have been extremely fit to fight for so long.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


My friends Stateside may be able to answer a query about this.I have been asked a few times,how many were there in this series?The reason for asking is that more than one fan thinks that Tina Antaman featured in one.


Another of those posers,guess the year!
A friend of mine who saw this thought it was pre war and yet another thought it dated from the 50's.


Out to establish herself in the USA Manchester's Lana Austin
would have struggled to find a harder debut match than taking on Shayna Baszler
and giving away around 30 lbs in weight.
I don't know how long she took to recover but the next bout I could find saw her take on Mia Yim/Jade
and although she didn't look too keen to start put on a good performance.

Monday, 26 June 2017


A young lady making a name around the European rings is Xia Brookside,but who is she???
Xia is in fact keeping it in the family,her father is well known the world over,currently WWE/NXT coach at the Performance Centre in Orlando Robbie Brookside as been a top performer for over thirty years.Some of Robbies early appearances were at a venue I have mentioned before The Horshoe Show Bar at the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool where he worked for the late Bobby Baron alongside many future stars like WWE's Lord William Regal. 

Just a Thought 34.

Manchester PE Teacher Alexa Collier
is cleared of breaking her former lovers jaw when personal trainer Nicola Lees
went to her home to reveal to Alexa's parents their on,off lesbian relationship.
Sadly the case cost Miss Collier her part time job at Withington Girls School,Manchester.
Oh the Heatwave!!!
We don't get much hot weather in the U.K.but when we do,Wow!!! 

Hairdresser Marissa Sonkur went to Kelso Races with her boyfriend and was filmed having sex behind the beer tent.There performance was posted on Facebook and then went viral.Miss Sonkar
did admit it wasn't the classiest thing she had ever done.
Another tale of School!!
School teacher Amena Nazam Khan
as been banned from the classroom for life after an affair with a pupil she nicknamed"The A Team"after they met at Tong High School,Bradford and she posted naked pictures of herself on Facebook.
The panel that banned her noted that the boys performance had gone down since the affair.His educational performance I would hope!!!

Especial: Warmi TAKANAKUY 2017 ~ Chumbivilcas

I'm sure I aren't alone in wishing I knew exactly what was going on here in Peru.Is that guy collecting prize money for the fighters?Or could he be taking bets.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Anyone like to hazard a guess at what year this was and who was the elderly gent keeping a watchful eye on proceedings?

G.L.O.W. - The complete 1st Season Highlights of The Gorgeous Ladies Of ...

I have to thank Wildatheart on the Catfight Forum for digging this and the trailor to the Netflix newbie out of all the new stuff around.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

FULL SHOW — GWF Women's Wrestling Revolution [ENGLISH COMMENTARY] Septem...

From September last year GWF's Women's Wrestling Revolution match up from Huxleys Neue Welt,Berlin well known as a top music venue throughout Europe.

GLOW - Trailer

One to look out for on Netflix,the story behind the 80's favourite Blow.

[FREE MATCH] Rachael Ellering vs Christi Jaynes from Wrestle Circus: TGWSOE

It's sometimes difficult to follow the scene in the States and I often miss seeing some of the best talent because they don't qualify for the stage managed shows we get on tv.
In this case we have two lovely looking top girls I had heard little about.Rachael Ellering
or her alter ego's Rachael Evers/Rachael Fazio is a twenty five year old from Minnesota who as followed her Father into the business.
Her opponent Christi Jaynes
who apart from being Texas based and pretty well travelled I know little about.

Friday, 23 June 2017


What more could a masked man ask than to face not one but two of Eastern Europe's finest in Antscha and Viktoria.

Patty _Boom Boom_ Alcivar vs Savanna _The Lio

This dates back a little but the nick names say it all,promoters at the time may have thought Patty had some"boom boom"but more recently she as proved that her lack of power to finish Savanna hasn't helped her in better company. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Just a Thought 33.

Latest must for certain children,now being marketed online and aimed at an Australian market fake Islamic State Lego
selling at $9.91.
Having an exciting sex life is one thing,but make sure you put the handbrake on.A pair of Russian 22 year old teachers
got so carried away their Russian made Niva rolled into a lake while the physical education teacher was performing with his girlfriend on the back seat.Sadly both drowned!
For me and many visitors to Germany a journey on the ICE Train
is a top attraction.Now the latest"Sprinter" serving the Berlin to Munich route as just made it's maiden trip and at 3 hours 55 minutes as knocked over 2 hours off the current journey time.
A survey last year by travel website Expedia revealed that 72% of Germans found nothing wrong in going naked in public a term known as Friekörperkultur or FKK to many.German Sauna
can also prove interesting as these are also shared by men and women,remember towels are for sitting on not covering up.


From Festelle's sister company The Private Collection,International action with New Zealand's Lisa Marie in action against U.K.favourite Susan Strong.


Having wrestled and boxed Gloria enjoys rough lesbian sex.

DIARY DATE 14th July!!!!

A date to note for fans in Europe the next Models Wrestling date is Bastille Day,to attend tickets are"only"50€uro.
I am led to believe there will be eight or ten bouts though as yet I have seen no list of girls appearing.

I could be wrong but the admission charge could possibly include a DVD of the event.More info as I get it.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Rampage 2017 - Ladies Title: Alpha Female (c) vs. Little Miss Roxxi

Little Miss Roxxi as come a long way in a short time,but a trip to Germany to take on The Alpha Female doesn't look a good idea.


A real punisher with two experienced girls at Fighting Dolls.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Holly the Farmer's Daughter vs Maddison Miles

I think it's almost a couple of years back that Maddison  Miles first hit the scene,at the time as a sixteen year old I believe.At that time on the evidence I was seeing she looked a good prospect.
And then this,what was set as a decent bout is ruined by the oldest trick in the promoters arsenal,the man in the mask and his supposed manager.Done well you may just get away with it,but this oh no!!!


Early contest from DWW when Judo champ from France Marie Laure took on a girl who made herself a favourite when she came to London to oppose the girls of Festelle the lovely Manuela.

I don't know where the bout took place but it was certainly hot there as the sweat coming off the girls in the later stages made it almost impossible to get a hold.

Monday, 19 June 2017


You would never think this took place in the mid 90's when Tina visited DWW and her opponent Hanna now heads up Foxy Combat.

Interview with wrestler Little Miss Roxy

An interesting interview with Little Miss Roxy on her home ground at the Northumbria Student Union in March this year.


Don't you just love keep fit?Why bother with those leotards and borrowing the old mans oversize t shirt,strip off and go for it.

Kerri Hill vs Racquel Bailey

In order to put a good bill together a promoter as too look for girls who love a fight and Kerri Hill
is just such a girl,despite a record that currently stands at only 4 wins,2 draws and 28 losses over a period of around ten years she was always value for money.

Sunday, 18 June 2017


Belgium's Nadege is many a fans ideal girl,we have seen her in wrestling bouts and tough punishing fights where she as been in tears by the end and now she gets it on with the lovely Amy and no need for faking here.
Almost an hour of hot sweaty girl on girl action!!!


Just for fans of messy wrestling as a variation from mud what about food?


I shall be keeping an eye out for more info in this series.This could be another must for fans in East London and Essex with easy access to the Circus Tavern.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


The powers that be at Prude Tube have again gone out of their way to annoy me.
Now it would appear to be ok to get your tits out if you claim to be a DJ and play bloody awful music.


This one for the experts in the States,the producers are Steel Kittens,but what year was it?


The Alpha Female
is certainly a busy girl,here she appears for the Saarland based Championship of Wrestling against French girl
Amale Winchester.


This is almost a mystery in that Shanna and the Alpha Female are well known the world over,the mystery lies in the other two girls if you consult the Cagematch data base Wesna
retired from the ring some years back,other sources are nearer to the mark claiming she returned to her native Germany.Nearer to the mark she has been resident in Germany for a number of years but was in fact born in Croatia.Her fans Stateside will notice she has put on a little timber since her days there.
The other mystery is "Session Moth"Martina,probably better known as her alter ego Kazza G from Ireland.

Friday, 16 June 2017


In the olden days in the Czech Republic it wasn't advisable to mess with the big guy as his wife was often of a similar build.


Not the sort of build you expect for Sumo,but a good fun hour.


I am guessing that the first part of this took place in London as the guy who seems to be running the show as been seen with Festelle,but what that skinny little guy is doing god only knows.Surely he doesn't get aroused being sat on by that big lump.
The second part sees our old friend Clay getting the treatment from Sybil Starr
and the end section appears to be a mish mash of strong muscular girls.