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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

TOUGH WOMAN 2004 & 2007.

As anyone in the States got more info on this one?I was led to believe that these events ceased around 1999/2000.But here we have rather badly filmed action from years later.


Bikini action from Freshfites,not bad thought the slapping for me is a little tame.

Bellatrix Female Warriors Episode 10,Where are they now??

When we were in Germany a little while back I was asked by a friend who had more than once flown into Stanstead and made the short journey into East Anglia to attend a show from Bellatrix,what had become of them?
I too had noticed they were  missing from You Tube and until I spoke to a friend who lives in Norwich thought possibly they had gone out of business.
Apparently they are up to Bellatrix 26 a pay per view event which costs £4.99 to watch on tv,but on which channel he couldn't tell me.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Action from Russia.

It's always interesting to see  some of these girls fighting on almost home ground as it isn't till they depart homes in Armenia and Kazakstan for Germany that we here of them.


These were two girls who were genuine rivals and put on an exciting bout without a bare breast in sight.

Hana was the girl who trained many of the new girls before departing in 2007 to head Foxy Combat.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Just a Thought 44.

As someone who as been around the wrestling game for a good number of years I have lost count of the number of times people tell me it's a fix.My own time in the ring didn't last very long but even when I have been out with friends whose injuries make my bad back look minor we here the same thing,the last time was only the other day when a young guy who plays football,that's soccer to my friends Stateside,was trying a wind up.

Just for once we really had the last laugh when the sports report on tv told that Marco Asensio a star player at Real Madrid would be missing from a game having picked up an infection from shaving his legs!!!
Some hard man eh!!The only wrestler I met that did that was a young lady.
More on Footie!!
As if leg shaving wasn't enough around 20,00 fans came from Cologne to support their team in their game against Arsenal problem was they were only allocated 3,00 tickets needless to say trouble broke out and riot police
were called in,by the time they got things under control the kick off was delayed by an hour.Oh and Arsenal won 3-1!

Pink Collar: A Boxing Documentary.

This is about three years old now but still worth a watch,the background to Pink Collar Boxing and how the girls get involved.Plus the complete fight footage,

A NIGHT TO FORGET!!!& a Diary Date.

The U.K.'s Nicola Adams
had a night to forget when her fight in Las Vegas was called off at the weekend after a problem with her Hungarian opponents blood test.
On a brighter note Ireland's Katie Taylor
will fight Argentina's Anahi Esther Sanchez on the bill of the Anthony Joshua bout at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on the 28th of October.

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Very early offering from Danube Womens Wrestling with two of the classiest blondes who have represented them over all the years.An indication of the age of this bout comes in the second session when they strip down to those Baywatch style costumes..

Solid Impact 4: Mellissa Rowe vs Chelsea Moore

An interesting bout from West Yorkshire with two Bradford girls boxing in the cage.I, hoping someone local to the area can fill us in with some info about the girls.
In particular Mellissa must be one of the smallest girls to fight at 4'11" and 43 kilos(6 stone 7lbs).

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Daria Szmidt

An interesting couple of fights with Daria Szmidt the first an exhibition boxing bout and second the real thing in the cage.


Not being fluent in the speaking or reading of Chinese I can only guess at this scenario.

Friday, 15 September 2017


If you intend to have a fight in public it's not a bad idea wear your undies!

De Vo-Brown Vs Sylwia Doligala

Another local derby in football terms as Bradford's De Vo-Brown takes on Wakefield's Sylwia Doligala.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Just a Thought 43.

Another Little Earner!!
Anyone who as visited Majorca recently will possibly have been approached and encouraged to put in a claim on their travel insurance for food poisoning or worse,all lies of course and now more than one family in the U.K.face losing their home as companies hit back in court against false claims.
Pulled for their involvement are mother and daughter Deborah Cameron and Laura Joyce
who have some notoriety with Laura's husband presently running Heroes Bar.
Laura was also involved in the Playhouse Bar where the British girl was filmed performing a sex act on 24 men an act that resulted in the authorities closing the bar and Laura being fined £45,000.


It's interesting that these girls were classed as novices as they put in a better performance than many of their more experienced friends.
It's interesting that the girls were regarded as hairy,as it wasn't until Nina appeared on Top of the Pops in the U.K.performing her hit single Ninety Nine Red Balloon's that the music press noticed she had hairy armpits.Something which was regarded as the norm in her German homeland.

World boxing fight: Daisy Lang & Mishelle Satllefe (115lb)

This is a real trip back in time to 2001 and Daisy Lang taking on the U.K.'s Michelle Sutcliffe for the WIBF Super Flyweight Title.
The reason for my posting this is there as been a lot of talk recently of the number of girls with an MMA background joining the semi pro boxing curcuit as though it was a new thing when in fact Michelle
came from that background all those years back and also went into World Title Fights with both Daisy and Regina Halmich.
The other video clip is of Michelle when she appeared on Granada Television's Men & Motors Show.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


One of the things that Festelle had a plenty was their match making,at the time to get two girls to box was a rare event and to produce a fight like this was very rare.The chemistry that made the girls want to hurt each other is rare.
Also  interesting was Black Orchid's
second was Terri who had fought a bad tempered nude catfight with the French girl

NFN: Claire Shaw vs Sylwia Doligala

Huddersfield's Claire Shaw in action again this time against Sylwia Doligala.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


The title almost says it all,there's nothing out of bounds for these girls.

Harriet Quick VS Anna Perchina | The Challenge Boxing Season 3

I was never keen on The Challenge Boxing series mainly due to the use of crash hats,but at last Harriet Quick
and her opponent Anna Perchina
have gone for it.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Katie Hacket Vs Charlie Robinson

Another favourite in Huddersfield is local girl Charlie Robinson who put on one of Left Jab Promotions best fights against Manchester's Katie Hacket,a real bruiser of a bout with the Ginger Rhino spilling blood.


I have always thought there is something a little wrong at Asian Connection when you have a guy encouraging the girls to fight.Quite often at least one looks like she would be happy to go through the motions and bare her body without being hurt.

Sunday, 10 September 2017


Can you believe this was back in 2003 before Fighting Style moved camp from Germany to Greece?


Viewers of Sky Television in Europe get a regular diet of wrestling from the States featuring any number of silicone sisters and posers.But what does the show lack?Friends who are regular watchers tell me it's a big bad girl,could Bree Ann be the answer.


From Pippa's Xmas Show in Manchester a familiar face Carmen against Raven.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Chelsea Smith Vs Clair Shaw

I hadn't realised till a friend of mine returned from watching football in Huddersfield that the place was becoming a hotbed of female boxing with promotions featuring the girls on a regular basis and local girl Clair Shaw
leading the way,seen here in against Chelsea Smith From Sheffield.


Even in the jello the big girls seem to have the advantage.


WBC Silver Super Lightweight Title bout Myriam Dellal
in action against Belgium's Elfi Philips and for the French speakers a little about the girl.

Friday, 8 September 2017

SM Fightclub Jolene Breslin Vs Stacey Walters

Every promoters nightmare is when a fighter lets you down for whatever reason and you have sold the tickets.In the case of a girls bout this can be more of a problem as they are possibly the only female bout on the bill.
In this case it needs a brave girl to step in and Stacey Walters is that girl,though the task of taking on the much bigger Jolene Breslin proved too much she deserves every credit as there can be few girls who would have taken the risk.
The interview with Stacey is from a little while back before her first fight.


The lovely girls of AS Film in Germany in arm wrestling action.

Won One!!!

Having been given a beating by a number of girls in the boxing ring our old pal Beat Meier put his spec's on and got a win at arm wrestling.
I can't help but wonder as the guy lost all interest in combat as his most recent offerings seem to range from transport to marching bands?

Thursday, 7 September 2017


This is happy holidays or at least flights to your holiday destination this time of the year these reports come in about cut price airlines on a weekly basis and now even make French news broadcasts.
And before my key board cooled down the fighting continued in the baggage reclaim.


When Femwin came to the London Wrestling Studios they produced some good bouts including this where the inexperienced
Viking took on the smaller more experienced
Dark Angel.

Just a Thought 42

Life on the Dole!!!
What do you do if your dole money is late?
Do you shoplift for food?Wrong Nicola Vout
a thirty three year old mother of two was caught on CCTV nicking a £25 bottle of Champagne and then fleeing in a car.
At the other end of the scale our Royals William and Kate took the French magazine Closer to court for topless pic's they published back in 2012,there demand was for €1.5million,they got €100.000.Not a bad pick up for something most of us had long forgotten about.

Can only think William and Kate need a reality check as it reminded my ex of a friend who a few years back appeared in a popular soap opera and appeared in the press topless on her holiday in Spain,she didn't sue or make a fuss and apart from the odd fan making comment about how good she looked she took the long held British view that what is news today is the following days fish and chip wrapper.

FESTELLE...Paris v Jill.

This came as a pleasant surprise as I had only ever seen short clips of the fight and deemed hardly worth a second look,but at a full viewing and considering they had no supporters and it took place in someones front room Paris
and Jill
put on a pretty good show.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Юлия Куценко vs Наталья Каменских | Сочи 2016

Action from Russia last year with unbeaten Yuliya Kutsenko in with Natalya Kamenskikh.
The second bout is against another girl of little experience,where Natalya was on debut Elena Medvednko had already suffered one loss.


They should have named this one mission impossible!!How does Mike go through that with barely a stiffening,or is he gay???

Monday, 4 September 2017


It's some time ago that those people who made the videos of girls beating up down and outs were prosecuted and I can't help thinking that these two are in a similar sort of category,how else could you find a girl willing to take this kind of punishment.

Sunday, 3 September 2017


Where do they get those names?She is without doubt an ultimate opponent though.

Kathy Gifford

Two bouts featuring the lovely Kathy the first an almost friendly affair but the second is a real sweaty workout against Jenny Sjodin
the Swedish pro more often resident in Manchester.
The highlight for many of her fans is when Kathy's lovely small breasts make an appearance.

Saturday, 2 September 2017


Think this is what they call ripped and oiled.Not sure about the tat's though.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Angel McManus vs Klondite Kate

I mentioned a short while back the Reslo promotions for the Welsh Language channel on tv and they were often recorded in holiday camps around North Wales,this is just one more I have found with the arch villain Klondyke Kate taking on every fans favourite blue eyes Angel McManus.

Thursday, 31 August 2017


How many fans dream of their girl stripping off and wrestling for them?


The complete video of FV41 including one of Festelle's toughest bouts Beatrice
and Ria
which I have featured before.
This is followed by the lovely slim
Pam taking on Leonie
from Belgium.
The third bout sees Beatrice return for more hot sweaty action against
Last on the bill is Belgium's
Cathie taking on Manchester's Vanessa.
All told this possibly ranks as one of Festelle's best tapes,if not the best.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Coleslaw wrestling from two different meets and two girls in the first clip who appear to have mastered an art that few can manage,being able to remain standing almost throughout.


This couple are being sought by police after being seen having sex on a platform

at Hackney Downs Station in East London and then joining other passengers on a train home.
Later that day or early the next day in Bury,Greater Manchester the big fight was shown at the Vue Cinema live at around five in the morning and 30 people had a fight of their own despite the
management's strict policy on booze,so what were they on???

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


A good place to make your pro debut as got to be in Vegas on the bill for the most publicised fight for years.
So well done Savannah on her win.

UK Wrestling Ladies.

This bit of self promotion is the work of Shelby Sinar the rising star of UK Wrestling which in one form or another as been around for about ten years I seem to recall them operating from Ossett near Wakefield,now I'm told their base is in Batley.
There is no doubt that there is a vacancy for a big bad girl and as been since the retirement of Klonkyke Kate but I fear Miss Sinar as a long way to go to reach that standard of performance. 


A variation on catfight's with the girls out to choke or strangle,though they do appear to have something to learn about pressure points.

Monday, 28 August 2017


 A question I was asked the other day by a fan after my recent trip to Germany,a question I couldn't answer.
In fact non of my contacts in Germany could shed any light on the subject.
 One can only guess at their lives now as they will be 13 or 14 years older,I wonder if they have the same superb bodies?

 Just out of interest could you remember their names?To save anyone having a brain storm,from the top is Tony,second  is well known to fans in the U.K.and that is Kathie Gifford,third I believe is Jacqueline,fourth in line is I think Sabrina and fifth is one that I can't put a name too but could possibly be Wendy,the two girls together after their bout are Maia and Emma,bringing up the rear is the lovely slim Nadine.

Nadine Abbot vs Kiya O’Sullivan - Battlezone FC 17

This is one that as me a little baffled,almost a wrestling match in the cage without kicks and punches.

Sunday, 27 August 2017


I can't help asking due to his being in the business did the guy get a discount as if my information is correct an hour of being punished by the Black Widow is £150 and how many challengers would last that long?

Lynn Harvey v Sara Regina Coca - Unfinished Business

One can only guess that Miss Coca's background is in MMA as after offering her face as a target and
her only reply being wild swings she is disqualified for a kick.
Another win to
Lynn Harvey's record.

Saturday, 26 August 2017


I can only hazard a guess that this bout had a sponsor who wanted to see the girls wrestle in skirts.

Alejandra 'Tigre' Jiménez vs Vanessa Lepage

One for the lovers of the big girls and boy do these two hit and again Alejandra Jimenez
extends her win record.

Just a Thought.40

Hard to Believe!!
My ex drew my attention to an article in the news where a woman had complained to"Mums Net"about a fellow holiday maker going topless at a well knownat a family resort.This as brought an almost surprise reaction from other mums who seem to regard the complainant as some kind of prude.
Latest reports claim new recruits to the Chinese army from a certain part of the country are being refused entry because they failed the fitness exam most were over weight,but 8 percent had an enlarged testicular vein which doctors put down to too much masterbation and too little physical excercise!!

Don't know how to write it in Chinese but keep bashing the bishop guys!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Sisters in law fighting .

I'm all in favour of keep it in the family,if this is the result!!


From short clips I had seen I didn't realise how good a fight this was.
Early on I'm sure Chelsea
protested at being hit in the face,but to no avail as the longer the bout went on the more I came to think there was some kind of a grudge held by her or