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Thursday, 1 December 2016


Our server in the UK as yet again got problems and as had for almost thirty six hours,at present I can't find if they have been hacked,again!!!Or they have a new problem.
Liked many customers of Talk Talk I am well pissed off with their customer service which operates from anywhere in Asia where they can get cheap labour and with no regard for their ability to speak English.

Katie Taylor (pro debut) vs Karina Kopinska 2016-11-26

Take note girls Katie is on a mission her next bout is to be on the 10th of December in Manchester against Brazil's Viviane Obenauf now based in Switzerland.

Katie Taylor weighs in for first pro fight

From Olympic Gold to pro debut Ireland's Katie Taylor.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Thai Woman With Abs of Steel Kickboxing Destroying Male

Abs of steel a debatable title for me.

Mellony geugjes vs Debora doubli

My thanks to a couple of my contacts in the Nederlands who put me on to this.I had mentioned that I thought Mellony Geugjes
had a background in MMA and some fighter she is in that sport.
Her opponent Debora Doubli
should also get credit for a hell of a fight.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

THE EVOLUTION OF BOXING - Jessica Belder vs Mellony Geugjes

Action from last year in the Nederlands with
Mellony Geugjes on her debut against the experienced Jessica Belder
who only last month added her sixth straight win.

I would suspect that both these girls have a background in MMA as that would appear the sport of choice at the moment in the Nederlands.


The second guy in this show is probably lucky in not having a girlfriend as even the girls who put on the show are left open to an audience which seems to regard them as brainless bimbo's.
My contacts in the States tell me the show itself was taken off air in 2002 and was in many places replaced by the likes of Jerry Springer the highlight of whose shows seemed to be wronged wives and girlfriends fighting.
So have attitudes changed?Or are the audience from this show spending their later years as the morals panel on Prude Tube?

Monday, 28 November 2016

Have Attitudes Changed???

When you view this you realise why many fans won't admit their interest,like many a similar show you find a couple of guys who admit their interest and confront them with the most hostile audience you can find.
And to top it off you pose a leading question,ask the guy in front of his girlfriend"What do you do after you watch them wrestle?"
Keep pressing the question in the hope the guy will say he as a"J Arthur Rank".
Part two to follow!!


An other of those head scratchers,anyone with info?The bout was for Delta Tiger Lilies whose works were last distributed by ECNW I'm told.But what year does it come from?

HELIX - Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' (Uncensored) / 16:9 / 1984

You can call it pop music or whatever Mr Prude Tube,but those are still tits!!!

Sunday, 27 November 2016


There as long been a school of thought which says no publicity is bad publicity,I suppose I could qualify that by saying I no a guy who got done for selling very dodgy motors and was prosecuted.The publicity in local papers did wonders for his business.

What as that to do with girls fighting you may ask?In May of this year a guy named John Thompson was"exposed"advertising through his Facebook page for girls in Northern Ireland to take part in catfights in return for around £150 cash.
The same article and pictures was carried within 24 hours by the Daily Mirror,The Sun,The Star and also their Republic of Ireland editions.Now I don't know John  Thompson and don't do Facebook but according to the papers he is the guy behind UK Catfights and one of the fights he would have liked would have been between supporters of the football clubs known for the"Old Firm Derby"Glasgow Rangers and Celtic.

So as the free publicity done him good?Does anyone know?

Cherneka Johnson vs Ratsadaporn Khiaosopa (10.08.2016) BOXING FULL FIGHT

I can't help thinking that promoters almost world wide have a problem putting girls in the ring who are nowhere near the quality of an opponent.
Another example here where a girl is clearly outclassed and even the commentary team think she's in there to take a beating.