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Sunday, 27 November 2016


There as long been a school of thought which says no publicity is bad publicity,I suppose I could qualify that by saying I no a guy who got done for selling very dodgy motors and was prosecuted.The publicity in local papers did wonders for his business.

What as that to do with girls fighting you may ask?In May of this year a guy named John Thompson was"exposed"advertising through his Facebook page for girls in Northern Ireland to take part in catfights in return for around £150 cash.
The same article and pictures was carried within 24 hours by the Daily Mirror,The Sun,The Star and also their Republic of Ireland editions.Now I don't know John  Thompson and don't do Facebook but according to the papers he is the guy behind UK Catfights and one of the fights he would have liked would have been between supporters of the football clubs known for the"Old Firm Derby"Glasgow Rangers and Celtic.

So as the free publicity done him good?Does anyone know?

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  1. Hmmmmmmm ... I recall reading about this John Thompson dude some time ago and yes, about how his advertisements were posted on Facebook and also in the news media you referenced ... I also recall seeing that advertisement ... From what I further recall, yes, it did get him several replies -- that I know -- but how many of them ended up being genuine or how many women followed up to take part I can't say for sure ...

    I'm not surprised by this at all ... "Free" adverse publicity over here in 'Murkinland happens frequently ... but it's in regard to, say, some moronic celebrity or athlete or political figure and some dirt that the news media has uncovered about them ... I can say such "free" adverse publicity never works to the advantage of an unscrupulous business or enterprise over here ... It does the opposite ... it kills it ...