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Tuesday, 29 November 2016


The second guy in this show is probably lucky in not having a girlfriend as even the girls who put on the show are left open to an audience which seems to regard them as brainless bimbo's.
My contacts in the States tell me the show itself was taken off air in 2002 and was in many places replaced by the likes of Jerry Springer the highlight of whose shows seemed to be wronged wives and girlfriends fighting.
So have attitudes changed?Or are the audience from this show spending their later years as the morals panel on Prude Tube?


  1. Whenever the hell this particular show (and others of similar genre hosted by Sally Raphael or other TV talk show hosts over here) was killed from the 'Murkinland TV barfcast menu -- in 2002 or later -- was for the better ... and yes, JS only put himself and his follow-up shows in place to prove how "bimboed" he and his minions of loyal TV viewers had become over here when they sponged up this type of TV show b.s. fest ...

    Since then, I'd definitely say audience attitudes over here have changed but in a manner that takes out the "bimbo" factor and makes more people feel that legitimate fem-vs-fem competitive events are much more acceptable and not something to be kept in the closet or swept under the rug ... So yes, there's been a decisive shift in collective attitude over here in 'Murkinland (imho) so now I really don't think these people (which I'd label the now ex-prude-a-holics) are pushing to be the so-called morals watchdog over at the PrudeTube ...

    The ones who are still doing that are forever stuck in the Victorian era ...

    For them, hoping for them to change or improve their outlook is so hopeless you'd have better luck hoping their archaic attitudes would explode by filling their head with hydrogen and striking a match.

  2. jerry springer had a catfight-wrestling show like this one