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Saturday, 19 March 2016


I had to question if I should run with this,after all the things that PrudeTube won't allow this appears.
Along with a couple of similar efforts I found this on the Mixed Wrestling Forum with only a small number of fans finding a problem.
I have to admit I have no idea of the age of either of the pair but at a guess the young man is at that age when even a photo in a mag can stir up a reaction and the young lady is becoming aware of her developing body.
Far be it from me to be the dictator of morals but somewhere in a distant past I seem to recall being of a similar age and I'm not sure I would have wanted to wrestle a girl.
Is my thinking wrong?After all there seem to be a lot of adults present!!!And are PrudeTube wrong in allowing it?

Pauline vs Amale Winchester

Action from France with Pauline
a girl I have seen before and Amale Winchester
who I aren't familiar with.
The contest itself could almost be one of those crazy bouts well known to fans in Glasgow where all hell breaks loose on a regular basis.


I have to admit that despite my time in both the U.K.and Germany I never met the late Jeff the Ref,but a short time ago I met with a girl who worked under his rule in Germany.

She told of what a lovely little man he was,with the emphasis on little which she was able to illustrate to me with pictures of him controlling boxing bouts.She new the girls featured and none was exceptional in height by German standards.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Beautiful Muscular Women - Test of Strength! NXT Ready?

And just to prove yesterday wasn't a one off!!!

Victoria Comes Out Of The Closet?

Another of those clips that suggest the prudes weren't paying attention.How could they allow a suggestion that Victoria was only wrestling to satisfy her lesbian urges?

Mellony Geugjes (Mikes Gym) vs Natalee Bee

Just to prove the keeper of records at BOXREC wrong who should appear in a second contest in Bournemouth but the lovely Mellony from the Nederlands.
Judging by the reaction of Os the Boss and her corner from Mikes Gym they weren't too happy about the result.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Women's Boxing - 3 Round Punch Up!

Not a lot of technique here and it would be easy to think all you need to promote one of these bouts is two girls in a pub with a beef who want to fight,boxing gloves and a ring,surround it with members of the East London Underworld and you're in business.
A little research and it appears Paula Donelly the girl with the red hair does have a background in MMA.

Brutal Test of Strength! April Hunter Arm Wrestling with Commentary

Now that's an idea!!!A channel all your own on You Tube.

Mimi and Babi keila getting right

Make your own mind up on the winner here,was it the girl who was underneath when they were parted?Or the girl whose nose was bloodied?

THE EVOLUTION OF BOXING - Jessica Belder vs Mellony Geugjes

I have noted before the number of girls who have deserted boxing in favour of MMA in the Nederlands,so in this case Mellony Geugjes
is a little different in travelling the other way for this her only fight listed by BOXREC,her opponent the experienced Jessica Belder
a 34 year old with little history in the boxing ring,but plenty in MMA.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

2016 KSL 3 kolo, MMA 50kg ženy finále Jadzejczyk PL vs Kózka PL

Another slight mystery here the two fighters are I believe from Poland and the contest if I'm right took place in Slovakia.

Aja Kong vs Manami Toyota

You have to credit these girls in Japan,both are in their mid 40's having started out in their teens.

How on earth their bodies have stood up to this kind of treatment for almost thirty years can only be a miracle.

THIS WEEKEND in Finland.

This Friday at the Espoon Metro Arena,Espoo Finland's second largest city Helsinki's Eva Wahlstroem
defends her unbeaten record and WBC Super Featherweight Title against 31 years old Dahiana Santana
from the Dominican Republic who as been in with some good company with only seven losses in 42 fights.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Nikita (Katie Lea Burchill) vs. Sweet Saraya

Another of those blasts from the past,from Great Yarmouth a young Sweet Saraya takes on the girl of many names Nikita.
Baffled you will be,looking at the title you might expect her birth name was Katie Lea Burhcill,wrong!!!She was born and raised in Lünburg,Germany Katarina Waters
before moving to the U.K.and university which in someway led her into the squared circle.
In a career that as taken in the top level in the U.S.A.and Europe just a few of those names include Katie Lea,Kat Waters and Winter.

Xenia Jorneac vs Sonja Soknic - 29.12.2015 - Antoniushaus Regensburg

From the same bill in Germany another of those where you have to wonder who sanctioned it?
My friend Nadine tells me that one of her party was near the dressing room door and when 22 years old Sonja Soknic came out she looked abselutely terrified,hardly a shock as she as been stopped in every bout she as taken since her debut in 2013.
Miss Jomeac
her opponent as lost just once in seven outings and must dream of pay days like this. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Nadia Sapphire vs Pippa L'Vinn

Without wishing to insult her the publicity that went with her when she first entered the game does seem a little far fetched now.
Former beauty queen and model?Sorry but this was a couple of years back at Pippa's gym and she looks every bit the part of the pro wrestler.

Maja Milenkovic vs Ivana Mirkov

My apologies to my friend Nadine in Germany for not giving her a mention recently,she and her man do keep me up to date with a lot of what is happening in Germany.
This bout saw Maja Milenkovic
now resident in Karlsruhe in Germany but born in Serbia improve her record to three recent wins to end the losing streak of six defeats.
Meanwhile her opponent Ivana Mirkov still resident in Serbia looked more intent on staying on her feet having been stopped in a few of her eight straight losses.

Queens of Chaos : Minx VS Shadow

Work this out if you can yesterday's mention of Minx inspired a fan to put me onto this short clip from a French Promotion by Queens of Chaos featuring Minx who is then listed as Sarah Jones from Sunderland,Tyne and Wear,but still using the same publicity pics.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Minx vs. Erin Angel

This was a brain teaser,Erin Angel came to mind instantly,but who was Minx?
The year was 2007 and the bout was in Clacton,Essex and Minx really looked the part.A little research proved interesting as Minx was the lovely Vicky Swain from Chestnut in Hertfordshire who debuted in 2002 using her own name before becoming Minx for a short time as in the same year she became Vicky Skye later shortened to Skye.
It's interesting also that 2007 is also the year that Vicky left the scene.

Warmy TAKANAKUY ~ Pelea De Mujeres 2015 ~ 4/4

Try as I might I can't work out the rules to these fights,if there are any.Apparently it's part of the tradition for Christmas in Peru.