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Saturday, 10 October 2015

PRINCESSES OF PAIN- Serina Cole VS Hannah Dawson

My contacts are of the opinion that this is one that did the promoter no favours,apparently a winner was declared,then it was decided the result was wrong and both girls were asked to return for a decider round,one of them refused and I'm told the result stood.

Nina Stojanovic vs Jovana Trifunjagic | PhD Boxing Night Beograd 03.04.2015

Proving to be a hard hitter this is the best of Miss Stojanovic bout against fellow Serbian 19 year old Jovana Trifunjagic.
Proving her worth Nina then went on to take the WBF/WIBF/GBF Super Flyweight Title from Eva Voraberger
on her home ground in Austria.
Just to prove my thoughts on the number  of belts in circulation,last month the lovely Eva won the GBU/WIBF Super Flyweight Titles in Austria. 

Friday, 9 October 2015

EmbryoniX 3.6 - Maria Mastix vs Nikki Starr

I can only think she picked her weight here,Nikki Starr more like Mister Masochist,it's small wonder there aren't too many spectators.

Fail Russian Fight!! Russian GIRLS vs Old.

I'd love to hear the explanation this lot gave when that police car eventually came.Was the big guy trying to get the girl in the black dress arrested for giving his aggressive wife a bloody nose?

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Susi Kentikian vs Susana Cruz Perez

Last weekends bout that I watched live,I think many would agree after watching this that it was spoiled by the early cut to Susi's eye,after that she seemed to being in safe mode and keeping her opponent away from doing more damage.
Many judges in Germany couldn't decide between a accidental clash of heads and a deliberate butt.Having watched it twice and not seen a slowmo I'm unsure.

VENDETTA (1986).

Another for the film buffs,I have to admit to knowing little about this one.


I had to show this,who thinks of the names?And who would tell their grandchildren that they were once a top wrestler Cerealman and you topped the bill wrestling women!!

BOKS Nina Stojanovic i Gabrijela Basha

I am often critical of some of the girls being brought from Eastern Europe to box,many look like they have never been in a fight before,never mind a boxing bout.So Nina Stojanovic could prove an exception,this was her fifth win in the pro ranks.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Night of Kombat: Chloe Nixon Vs Naze Soanes

Another action packed night for fans in the South West of the U.K.
This took place at the Liquid Night Club in Gloucester and was one of three female bouts on the bill and with a standard ticket costing £20,sounds like good value to me.

Diary Date in France.

One for the diary if you are in France,October the 9th at the Maison des Sport,Clermont Fermont home town girl thirty six years old
MyriamDelall is in WBF Lightweight Title action against "Hells Baby"27 years old Bulgarian Milena Koleva
who despite having on the face of it a not too impressive record,closer inspection reveals she as been in with some of the best in the business.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


In recent years any number of female wrestling and boxing videos have been taken down and quite often the people who put them on have been banished from Prude Tube.
So can anyone at Prude Tube explain this?Just like the fight scenes that they considered offensive the ladies are topless and many of the comments viewers have made about them are at the very least racist!!!
So it's got to be the wrestling or boxing which causes offence!!

Fierce Females - Rumble in the Jungle - Full Show

Another great show from Glasgow's Walkabout.As always the Fierce Females live up to their name and again prove that no matter where you live in the U.K.a visit to Glasgow for one of their shows would be worth the money.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Jezabeth vs Bacardi

I have to admit to having not heard mention of the Charity Wrestling Alliance.But it's not surprising that something like this should appear as great many wrestlers do a lot of unseen charity work.
One of the most recent events saw Belfast
born Rhia O''Reilly
compete in the London Marathon in aid of the Lymphoma Association,completing the twenty six miles in five and three quarter hours despite being hampered by a damaged ankle from a recent wrestling bout.

Interview mit Regina Halmich zur Nasenkorrektur/Nasen-OP

When you see her in this interview it's hard to believe that she was a boxer,Regina tells of the nose op that restored her looks.
Beside selling her own cosmetic brand and appearing as a reporter on a number of boxing broadcasts Regina as also appeared on that popular kids show Sesamestrasse,episode 2237.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


My mention of the Bethlehem Boxing club in Leeds and it being featured on a local tv station as brought me some reaction from that part of the world.
I did admit to having not being able to view the channel so I'm always happy to get reaction from those fans who can.
Having talked the show and it's content up a short while ago I have been taken to task because the most recent offering featured a couple of
Sam Smith bouts,both took place at the Pryzm in Leeds the first saw Jekatina Lecko from Latvia quit after about a minute of the first round.
Apparently worse was took come when she took on Gabriela Olahova from Moscow who from the bell took around ten second to throw her arms wide in submission and quit.
There as to be some doubt about the Malta Boxing Commission who sanction many of these bouts and more knowledgeable people than I are questioning how some of these"fighters"can possibly licensed.
Hopefully fans at the Prism tonight will see Sam given a fight by London based Angel McKenzie
who despite a poor record as at least had 34 bouts,30 of which she as lost.

Lair of Lucha Tour 2015 - Crawcrook Fair - Maria Mastix vs Vulture

This must have been one of the only sunny days here in the the month of August,Crawbrook Fair is one of those events that take place at that time of the year in the North East of England.
Rad:Pro the wrestling promoter that put on the show seen here is a South Shields Promoter often featuring a lot of home grown talent,I would guess that applies to"The Man Eater"
Maria Mastix whose greatest talent appears to be taking on the men.

USFFC 22 "Metal and Mayhem" McBride vs Goughary

I wonder how much ice it needed to get Alex McBride's swollen face back to the norm?

Amy Ether vs Julie Fennesey

They breed em tough in Scotland!!!