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Tuesday, 6 October 2015


In recent years any number of female wrestling and boxing videos have been taken down and quite often the people who put them on have been banished from Prude Tube.
So can anyone at Prude Tube explain this?Just like the fight scenes that they considered offensive the ladies are topless and many of the comments viewers have made about them are at the very least racist!!!
So it's got to be the wrestling or boxing which causes offence!!


  1. You're 100% right ...

    The double standard exists because the butt-brains who do the "judging" or make the "standards" are incapable of distinguishing when nakedness or visibility of private areas is pornographic and when it's not, since I would assume it's the XXX factor that pushes their lame-brain buttons of when to apply censorship and unfortunately, when pressed, it basically explodes all over the place unless there is some "redeeming" value (cultural; historical; anthropological; etc.)

    In the above example, the fact that the female toplessness is allowed because it's illustrating a cultural value (if indeed, that's the reason) is indicative of how far short their "value" system is. The reality is that if the cultural connection (again, if true) is a deciding factor for allowance that that only means that that by itself is a piss-poor factor for overall discrimination in female-vs-female sporting events ...

    There's just no cure for stupid-itis ...

  2. I'm not from prude tube but I can help out with an explanation. Let's start with a bit of history. Back in the early sixties when Playboy was unobtainable in New Zealand men's magazines were not allowed to show women's nipples. I have however seen an old magazine from that era that shows a drop dead gorgeous Tahitian girl with her cotton shirt turned transparent by the rain. She made no attempt to cover her beautiful breasts as her eyes asked the photographer; Do you like the way my nipples have gone hard, or is that a zoom lens you have in your pocket? There was no question of the magazine being censored because National Geographic often showed pictures of topless women. They had done so from their inception. It was regarded as cultural.

    What this clip shows is that the double standard is still living on you tube. Far from racist being a reason to ban the clip, it is the reason it survives.