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Aida Halac is listed as having had 5 wins from 5 bouts between 2013 and November last year,but this one from July this year doesn't seem to get a mention anywhere. Hardly surprising as Merima Kalaba I understand is on her debut and from what I understand of the Eastern European press this was the worst debut many had ever seen.

Sharon Stentiford Vs Zowie Trevena

Having seen a few of the girls from the South West of England I was a little stunned to see Sharon Stentiford wearing a crash hat,for most of these girls that is a no,no.Her opponent Zowie Trevena does appear without one which seems to be the norm.

Toni Sherwood Vs Emma

A taste of the action for the slim Emma against a tough little girl in Toni Sherwood who doesn't really go all out. A little interest on the side,is that Toni's family in her corner?

Me ( Green ) vs Frances ( White )

This girl put herself on the net,even stripping down to show she meant business.

Babes and Brawls fight- Aug. 13th

After a rather long intro the girls get it on,or at least one of them does,the other takes a beating.

Camille Vs. Héléna (Rochy Condé - 2015)

Another visit to France and some more of that outdoor action,obviously better weather than we had in the U.K. The lovely Camille takes on???In this case your guess is as good as mine!!

The Ranch Fight 4

Them ranchers certainly breed em tough,for me this beats rodeo!!

Boxing - 2015-05-23 A. McPhee vs P. Maerz

I can't help thinking that the business to be in as got to be churning out championship belts,every country around the world as a champion and every area of that country seems to also have a champion. In this case these two ladies are competing for the Canadian Professional Boxing Council-Western Canadian Bantamweight Title.Yet again age seems to be all in the mind with the winner

Miss McPhee being thirty four having only made her debut three years and six fights back. Her opponent Peggy Maerz now fourty three years old with only a couple of wins and a draw to show after five years and eleven contests. Days later Miss McPhee thanked her fans and retired!

How to get there,Troisdorf!!

My mention the other day of the upcoming Femwrestle event in Germany prompted a fan based in the North of England to ask about reasonable priced travel. Having recently been to that part of the world anyone travelling from the North of the U.K.can get reasonable priced air fares with Jet2,I traveled from Leeds/Bradford to Dusseldorf a journey of just over the hour,from the airport it's possible to get a fast train to Troisdorf,also just over the hour.For the cheapest rail fare a group ticket for four or five people is the cheapest. When using the Skytrain from the main terminal in the airport to the airport rail station remember to buy a minimum fare ticket and validate it at the machine.This saves the amusement of other travelers when you are thrown off.

Tigers Pro Wrestling 20/06/15 Eloanne Vs Pauline FRPW Women Title match

Another belt on offer,this time in France,you have to ask though is this some kind of catchweight belt because
Eloanne would appear much bigger than even her publicity pic? Her opponent Pauline
still puts in a good shift despite the size difference.

London VS South: Women's Boxing

I've never been a fan of the amateur use of crash hats,but in this case I have concede as the sight of women's boxing on mainstream tv only a very short time ago would not have happened. This as got to be a knock on from the Olympics and and although London Live is a regional show the amount of time they devote to the cause and the fair hearing they give it as to be a plus!

Lana Austin Vs Anna Pat - Ladies Match - The Academy, Buckley 08.02.14

More action from Wales this time the lovely Lana Austin
born Leanne Austin in Ashton Under Lyne,Greater Manchester takes on a girl who is more than a little mystery,Anna Pat
who is still listed in Britannia Wrestling's Roster under that name,but with all that body art it's easy to find her working as Violet Vendetta from exotic Stoke on Trent.


How many fans have dreamed of this?For this fan Action Promotions made it happen!


I often note the girls who debut late in life,but I am a little baffled by this one,in 2012 Sarah Esch
made her debut at thirty two years of age.Despite taking only a couple of rounds to dispose of her opponent Tanja Hengstler it appears she never fought again.Also Miss Hengstler who was in her third bout seems to have gone without trace despite being only twenty two.Though she had lost all three!!!

Попова Марина (Новороссийск, Россия) – Jasmina Nadj (Subotica, Serbia)

Some guy in Eastern Europe must make a fortune from these girls often with doubtful or non existent records doing the rounds,this time we find thirty year old Jasmina Nadj having lost her last three bouts turning up to fight in some restaurant in a Russian town I've never heard of.Only to lose again to Marina Popova a Russian on her debut.

Tori vs Zoe - East Bay Rats

Every time I view one of these I get the urge to break the bank and head for the States and get me a Harley and look up these guys.


Some fans who weren't around at the time often believe that Action Promotions was a vehicle for Ron Farrar to promote his wife Marjorie,the late Sue Britain. Not true,they promoted a number of girls outside the family,one who was very popular was Kelly Youngblood.

Tori Crosby TKO - East Bay Rats

The crowd may not like it but this little girl was probably wise to quit when she did.


EPW is a promotion in the North East of the U.K.which doesn't appear to feature too many ladies.For this bout The lovely slim Ruby Summers born in Leeds and a former student at Hemsworth College,Pontefract who some may recall working at a HMV store in London takes on Erin Night also from Wakefield where Ruby is currently resident.
Just in case you should have come by them in another life Ruby was born Laura Eskriett and Erin,Abby Marwood.

Gypsy sisters - Nettie vs Kayla FIGHT (HD)

This interested me because of the difference in the unwritten rules.In Ireland where gypsy women often fight there is no going to ground and punches must be thrown from a standing position.