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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to get there,Troisdorf!!

My mention the other day of the upcoming Femwrestle event in Germany prompted a fan based in the North of England to ask about reasonable priced travel.
Having recently been to that part of the world anyone travelling from the North of the U.K.can get reasonable priced air fares with Jet2,I traveled from Leeds/Bradford to Dusseldorf a journey of just over the hour,from the airport it's possible to get a fast train to Troisdorf,also just over the hour.For the cheapest rail fare a group ticket for four or five people is the cheapest.
When using the Skytrain from the main terminal in the airport to the airport rail station remember to buy a minimum fare ticket and validate it at the machine.This saves the amusement of other travelers when you are thrown off.

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