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Sinead Kirby vs Sam Dekota

Don't know too much about this one from the semi pro business.



Youtube Responded, But It Gets Even More Confusing...

I thought I was alone in my protest's at Prude Tube's crazy policies.Then I found this guy who it appears is equally baffled.

Maddison Miles vs Kris Hicks

I hate to be critical but I don't see Madison adding to her reputation by taking on little known male wrestlers,surely the time as come for her to step up a league.

Ellen Nunn vs Christina Sundalskliev - Bout 13. 'Ultimate Boxing 26'

I have to admit to being baffled by this one,how can a girl in a crash hat be fighting for a champion's belt??? I don't know a great deal about her but all credit to Ellen Nunn for her win without a silly hat.

Heteslag 2016: Kira vs Natasja

Hard to believe but apparently Kira didn't have her first bout till last year and her opponent Nastasja only the year before.Judging by this bout a visit to Norway would be well worth while.
Which is probably while the Sweet Saraya and other U.K.girls are often seen there,in fact I'm told Kira as recently beaten Saraya!!


Making the headlines in todays papers here in the this young lady,who apparently after a few drinks gets into fights.
I'm sure she could use her talent better when sober and take to the squared circle and box or wrestle.

PWP - Kay Lee Ray vs Sierra Loxton

A fairly new name to me is Sierra Loxton a product of Dragon Pro Wrestling in Newport,South Wales. I don't know how long she's been in the business but here she is up against the experienced Kay Lee Ray for Pro Wrestling Pride Promotions of Devon and is definetly not being carried along.Though I aren't too sure about her alter ego ''Queen of the Fairies''.
Looking at some recent ad's she is without doubt a busy girl.


A question often posed by fans is what becomes of their favourites?Do they marry and deny ever having wrestled or were they already married to a fan?Would you recognise them if they were in your local supermarket?
The question was posed to me after a trip to Germany with regard to two of the girls from my favourite bouts in Berlin,before operations moved to sunnier parts in Greece.So what did become of the lovely slim Nadine and her opponent Nina after their Fighting Style bout back in 2003?

Kelly Morgan v Lisa Cielas

Swindon's own Kelly Morgan takes on an opponent from Germany in Lisa Cielas,but where were the spectators?

Kelly Morgan v Lisa Cielas weigh in & stare down

A first look at the fighters!!

#BCMMA16 Saturday 23rd July 2016 - CORY Mckenna vs Fiona Chrystall - 115...

Don't believe the nonsense about the dumb blonde Essex girl or at least in earshot of Cory a really tough Essex girl and only seventeen.