Heteslag 2016: Kira vs Natasja

Hard to believe but apparently Kira
didn't have her first bout till last year and her opponent Nastasja only the year before.Judging by this bout a visit to Norway would be well worth while.
Which is probably while the Sweet Saraya and other U.K.girls are often seen there,in fact I'm told Kira as recently beaten Saraya!! 


  1. " ... I'm told Kira has recently beaten Saraya !! "

    ... and I wouldn't be surprised if she beat the others, too.

    She (and the others featured) are all Real Beauties and apparently her talent is making its mark fast.

    Didn't know much was happening up there in Norway and it's always great to know what's going on up there (anywhere in Scandinavia, actually) ... She's well-featured on social media and I hope she goes full-blast against the UK women.

    Link: Kira wrestler

    Link: Kira on Facebook

    Link: Kira on Instagram


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