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Saturday, 23 November 2013


I'm not certain but I'm told that the original Danube Womens Wrestling site as been closed leaving only the DWWXXX version operating.
This set me thinking,over a good number of years they turned out some great bouts,but which did you consider the best?
As a lover of smaller girls with tight muscular bodies I would be tempted to go for this one featuring the lovely Antscha and Xana in sweaty action outdoors.

Friday, 22 November 2013


This bout comes from one of the Festelle Video trips to the States and the girl representing the Angela Scott.
Another interesting fact,if I'm right is that I believe Angela to be one of few girls to work for Festelle who never appeared topless.


Japan for me as produced some of the hardest working girls in the world of wrestling and one who started in the game at the young age of sixteen is without doubt the lovely Jaguar Yokota.It's hard to believe that despite a number of retirements she served the game for thirty plus years.
The bout here is from May 1983 when she lost this hair v mask match mainly due to the interference of the"Monster Ripper"(Canadian wrestler Ronda Sing).

Thursday, 21 November 2013

1970s Film Fight.

A 1970 release around Europe under a few slightly differing titles Groupie Girl starred Eliza Terry and Belinda Caren(what became of them?)two young ladies with a typical 70's look.


It really would be great if this could happen in the U.K.
A good friend of mine as a bar in rather a rough part of a city and as often said there are certain nights when a boxing ring would be more useful than a dance floor.
Any number of his regulars would love to match their wives against each other in the ring.
What a shame we have political correctness! 


I have to admit I aren't a great fan of the"music"but the fighting is even more baffling.It would appear that girls big and small get in the ring almost like a tag team match.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


This is another that I have no idea as to its origins,but it as a lot going for it.Punches,kicks and no body part appears out of bounds,coupled with two lovely sweaty bodies.


Rather like a fans fantasy was this from Festelle.His hands fondled her,not to mention slapping her arse and what did he get,just a load of verbals.


I could be wrong but I seem to recall the talk on this one was that the girls wore Hooters shirts because they were too young to go topless.
Am I right???

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


While yesterday's film clip was at best dreadful,this is at least a decent effort featuring two actress's who since 1990 did manage to progress in the business.
While Kym Malin rose from being Playmate of the month in May 1982 to become an alcoholic,though I believe sha as been sober since 2003.
 Donna Linda Speir went from being a star in Playboy video to even featuring in the tv favourite Married With Children.


My experts on films assure me that any film featuring women in prison is going to lead to a few girls stripping off and fighting or having lesbian sex and this from 1996 is no exception.


This is what a mate calls control of the stiffy and how Fidel does it when faces with Gloria is a good question.

Monday, 18 November 2013


One of the problems for fans who love to see the girl fight in a story line is that such a thing is almost impossible to find!!!
That's if you are looking for a good one,not all are done under the watchfull eye of Terence Young who produced/directed some classics,including the gypsy girls from From Russia With Love.
If there was an award for the worst acting this one would be in the top few,one of it's"stars"is Brinke Stevens who as appeared in over one hundred"B movies"many of a similar style.


I have often said that our interest in female combat is almost worldwide,just look at where some of your favourites originate.
Here the film is Amazon Jail(19
85) which was made by a Spanish/Italian combination and was supposed to be in the Brazilian jungle.

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Older fans will possibly recall an event many years back in the U.K.when a Sunday paper made a great thing of some German girls being in tears at the end of their boxing bouts.
I wrote to them at the time to explain the tears were of frustration at having lost.So you could only imagine what they would have made of this bout,where at the end Karine appears to be in tears.