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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mujeres Se Pelean Por Un Bareto

What is it with friends of the fighters?They aren't interested in stepping in to stop the fight,but should a bare breast be exposed they instantly spring into action.

Kate vs. Carrie

Hardly dressed for a bout Kate and Carrie have a practice before the bikers arrive.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Slap Boxing Match (Women)

When is a slap not a slap?Why of course when it's a punch!!!
Got to love the title on this as there appear to be as many punches as slaps.

Steelfist Fight Night Becca Carter Vs Jennifer Snyder

Not one for the faint hearted,how often have you seen so much blood spilled?

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Katie v/s Fantasy

I always think it's a shame that we're never likely to see either of these girls on our tv,they may not fit the stereo type glamour wrestler but they can wrestle.

30.01.2016 - Yazmin Rivas vs Catherine Phiri

A change of champ at bantam weight with Zambia's
Catherine Phiri taking the belt from Yazmin Rivas
on the Mexican's home turf.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Plamena Dimova vs Aida Halac - 6 rounds Super Flyweight - 30.01.2016 - H...

From Huxleys Neue Welt a concert venue dating back to the 1950's in Berlin action at Super Flyweight with 23 years old Aida Halac from Bosnia suffering her first loss to Plamena Dimova a 26 years old Bulgarian now resident in Leipzig,Germany in only her second bout.

Aida Halac vs Merima Kalaba

I can only say I'm baffled with this,it appears to come from something called Box Gala in Leszno,Poland and featured on TVP Sport.
Not understanding the language and relying on translate it would appear a volunteer from the crowd stepped into the ring to take a beating.
Anyone know different?Please let us know!!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

PROSTYLE WOMEN WRESTLING Nikky Storm vs Lisa Fury (private session)

It's rare to see such a good bout without the spectators to encourage the girls,but former dancer and cheerleader at the University of Glasgow
Nikky Storm and Liverpool girl Lisa Fury
manage it at the Manchester gym.

Fabiana Bytyqi vs. Teodora Bačevová

A twenty year old building a tidy record is
Fabiana Bytyqi
from the Czech Republic.Her opponent is 23 years old also useful and from Bulgaria.

Bridge-of-Allan Highland Games

This is becoming a little like the tour of the today we take in the Highland Games at the Bridge of Allan just north of Sterling in Scotland.
In between the pipe band and a spot of caber tossing,that's large men tossing a large telegraph pole,not what you might be thinking,we have the wrestling where most of the men seem to want to take on the wee blonde lassie.


Should I have misled any fans recently I must say sorry as Models Wrestling is alive and well and is also posting updates through the Free Catfight Forum.

I couldn't be more pleased!!!

Monday, 1 February 2016


It is only in the last hour that I have been informed of the sad death of Phil Davis known to many fans as the referee for Action Promotions of the BWA from 1978 to 1991.

FREE MATCH: Courtney vs. Lana Austin from TCW on 1/31/15

Twelve months old this one but some good action between Scotland's
Courtney and Manchester's Lana Austin.

MissLouise Jane and Jamie Hayter v Zoe the Cheerleader and Phoenix

I must admit that I had my doubts about Miss Louise Jane

when I first heard of her and she may not be top of the bill yet but this isn't a bad performance alongside
Jamie Hayter who is currently taking on Blue Nikitta and other top girls in Germany.

Don Mccorkindale Meets Vina De Vesci Aka The Weaker Sex (1932)

You have to give the girl credit even back in 1932 she looked the part.
The small amount of information still around suggests that Miss De Vesci was mostly a dancer,but also taught boxing for women as well as clocking up 29 wins,17 defeats and 4 draws herself.She is believed to have died in 1970.

Ladies 10 Stone wrestling at Grasmere Sports August 28th 2011

Young ladies from the ten stone class in this short bout.The event took place in the English Lake District at Grasmere a great favourite for tourists in North West of England.
A well known technique in the wrestling world used in all classic style contests is the"cumberland throw"the origins of which lie in these style of contests.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Mistery Neal vs Colby Fletcher

Another winning debut,this time for Colby Fletcher against Mistery Neal in her second contest.

Miss Louise Jane is Tough Enough

When I see this kind of blurb and it features a girl whose first claim to fame is in the glamour business I have my doubts.
But 27 years old Miss Ballard is apparently trained by a fairly well known wrestler in the U.K."The Flatliner".

Bouts from the Girls Under 15 and Under 18 wrestling at Grasmere Sports ...

I have to admit that this is one I was unaware of.Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling is well known in the North of the U.K. and can be traced back in history.
It was a sport taken part in by burly farmers in times gone by but this is the first mention of girls I have heard. 

Hasna Tukic vs Amra Okugic - 29.12.2015 - Antoniushaus Regensburg

Another resident of Germany is Hasna Tukic
from Bosnia now at home in Regensberg and a record of 6 wins and 3 losses over the last couple of years.
Her opponent Arma Okugic is still residrnt in Bosnia and at twenty six as three losses in three bouts.