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Laura vs Rosie part 2

The second part and the girls are getting really aggressive. Anyone know the background to this?

Laura vs Rosie part 1

Could you get your girl to do this in your lounge???

Xenia Jorneac vs Sonja Soknic - 29.12.2015 - Antoniushaus Regensburg

I can't help thinking this kind of bout is happening in Germany too often,Xenia Jorneac
is a twenty two year old Romanian now resident in Munich with only one loss in six contests. Her opponent Sonja Soknic is also twenty two but as been stopped in all five of her fights and it's not too difficult to see why.

Girl Boxer (1949)

Who was the first U.K.female to box in the post war era?Many believe it to be Barbara Butterick from Humberside wh o moved to London took work as a £3.10 a week typist.
On the 3rd of March 1949 she was booked to take part in a boxing exhibition at the Kilburn Empire Theater where apart from punching the bag and shadow boxing she would take on a nine stone male in a two times rounds bout.
The General Secretary of the Variety Artists Federation one Lewis Lee called it"deplorably undignified and certainly not variety"and the British Boxing Board of Control announced it had not given Barbara a licence to box and did not recognise women boxers.
At  the time Barbara was 17 years old and weighed in at seven stone.

Maja Milenkovic vs Ivana Mirkov

This as got to be almost a throw back to the days of boxing booths,Maja the solid looking blonde from Serbia takes on fellow Serbian,Ivana Mirkov a twenty year old without a win in eight contests. I don't know how many spectators realised that Maja had won only her first contest the night before by TKO.

White Girl Fight Compilation - Crazy Girls EPIC Fights in Street

It was the title that drew me into this one because quite often these sort of compilations feature ladies of colour. The other thing about this one is that for the most part it is fairly well filmed.


Don't you just wish you could draw???
As one of those who failed to reach even the lowest marks in art I view some of the girls wrestling and boxing and their tattoo's and can only envy the guy with the tattoo gun. The girl with the superb back is Fire a lovely pale skinned red head and her opponent is Tina
a Slovakian former athlete,both of whom work for Femwin/London Wrestling Studios.


You could never have guessed how this would end.The Cheerleader Melissa seems to have been around forever having clocked up countless bouts over the last sixteen years and yet she is still only thirty three.
Possibly the longest running fued in the women's division as been between  Melissa and the U.K.veteran Sweet Saraya eleven years her senior at 44,wether this really was the end of the fued or not I don't know,but for Saraya to be in a bout so tough and long at her age as got to be exceptional!!

Beautiful Girls in Women's Wrestling - Taeler Hendrix vs. Alexxis Nevae...

One of the biggest complaints that fans have is when the girls/boys have to put on a show in a venue that as failed to attract a decent following. So all credit to
Taeler and Alexxis for this as by the look of the venue it was never likely to attract that many people to what looks very much like what wwe in the U.K.would term as a social club.


Wrestling be it male or female as over the years had some bad press,but some of the worst as come when the media as decided to prove how fixed it is and failed. It is only the other day that a friend of mine was recalling possibly the worst show ITV ever broadcast. Yes worse than the dreadful Big Brother which my paper informs me featured"stars"walking out after one of the girls left her nicks in the wash with shit stains,oh and shortly after cut her finger and was taken to hospital. No the show in question was Celebrity Wrestling in which the guys had been tutored in the tricks of the trade by Rowdy Roddie Piper and the girls by the Manchester duo Pippa and Shelby,it was so bad it only lasted four weeks in the prime time slot before being dropped to the grave yard Sunday Morning slot.There can be no doubt viewers can barely remember the show from 2005,but I bet the"stars"like Jenny Powell and Kate Lawler remember it with huge embarrassment.

GWF Champions Night 3 - Brenda Star VS. GSW Ladies Champ Blue Nikita

Action from Berlin last year where Blue Nikita the much traveled Greek star took on Berlin's own super heavy Brenda Star for the German Wrestling Federation title.


I'm not sure when this poster dates from but with an entry price of £12 it smacks of some kind of in joke. The other pointer is the names of the young ladies taking part,Martine Croxhall
and Kay Burley are the names of two presenters.

DWW 267 TiffanyPetra&Cathy MixedGardenBoxing

Don't tell em!!!This as been around a day or two without prudetube noticing. Download,save whatever but do it quick!!


I have noted before that Models Wrestling as re-appeared through a couple of different out lets. I would be interested to hear from any fans who have had recent dealings with them. I say this because their latest advertising through I believe Twitter mentions a meeting a couple of days away on the 27th and a promise of videos from it.My worry is that the link takes you to the Models Wrestling site which hasn't updated for a couple of years.

Shannon Williams Victory Dec 12, 2008

Hard to believe that this took place almost eight years ago!!

AFC 114 Jennifer "The Gypsy" Johnston vs. Denali "Red"Barnett

If you don't mind a little blood Alaska as got to be the place to go.


I have to admit that this one beat me,I have lived and worked in Germany and have never come by this magazine.
My thanks to the fan who sent me these pics,though the only light he could shed on it was that he believed it was just one of a number which featured dominant women,a little like those put out by Swish Publications in the U.K.before they hit on the winning format of Amazons in Action.