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Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Wrestling be it male or female as over the years had some bad press,but some of the worst as come when the media as decided to prove how fixed it is and failed.
It is only the other day that a friend of mine was recalling possibly the worst show ITV ever broadcast.
Yes worse than the dreadful Big Brother which my paper informs me featured"stars"walking out after one of the girls left her nicks in the wash with shit stains,oh and shortly after cut her finger and was taken to hospital.
No the show in question was Celebrity Wrestling
in which the guys had been tutored in the tricks of the trade by Rowdy Roddie Piper and the girls by the Manchester duo Pippa and Shelby,it was so bad it only lasted four weeks in the prime time slot before being dropped to the grave yard Sunday Morning slot.There can be no doubt viewers can barely remember the show from 2005,but I bet the"stars"like Jenny Powell and Kate Lawler remember it with huge embarrassment.


  1. When the duds ('Murkin slang for Navy torpedoes that fail to explode on impact or, in the larger sense, for any massive, embarrassing failures) happen, you can at least take consolation (in cases like the above when the females do appear) in the likes of the mighty fine females involved (Real Beauties all around in the above pic).

    So apparently the "tutoring" was good for the shitcan but all I can surmise (since I never saw any of the shows) was the blame for these loggerhead productions probably rested on the participants for lack of planning and practice ... because the pro's (Roddy, Pippa and Shelby) definitely know what the hell they're doing (when they perform) and they did (do) quite well in their shows (esp. Pippa and Shelby).

    So if the "stars" like Powell and Lawler remember these events with misgivings, they were probably even more embarrassed than the promoters and participants ...

    ... just my views.

  2. I remember that show. It should have been worth watching - female celebs, mostly young and good-looking, pro-wrestling - but the problem was there was NO ACTUAL WRESTLING.

    Instead the British public got some pathetic Gladiators ripoff.

    If the Italians or the Brazilians had got their hands on the idea it would have been awesome. British TV sucks.