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Thursday, 28 January 2016


Don't you just wish you could draw???
As one of those who failed to reach even the lowest marks in art I view some of the girls wrestling and boxing and their tattoo's and can only envy the guy with the tattoo gun.
The girl with the superb back
is Fire a lovely pale skinned red head and her opponent is Tina
a Slovakian former athlete,both of whom work for Femwin/London Wrestling Studios.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, tattoos are works of art but I don't care for them (for me they uglify ... not beautify or enhance the appearance) and I say the human skin is better off left free and clear ... CLEAR complexion ... CLEAR face ... CLEAR skin surfaces ... Those full-spread tattoos over full-sleeve arms, legs, backs (and elsewhere) are far too gross and make people look like obnoxious and repulsive walking canvasses ... I call it gross-in-motion ...

    So to each his or her own but they're not for me ...