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Friday, 29 January 2016

Girl Boxer (1949)

Who was the first U.K.female to box in the post war era?Many believe it to be Barbara Butterick from Humberside wh o moved to London took work as a £3.10 a week typist.
On the 3rd of March 1949 she was booked to take part in a boxing exhibition at the Kilburn Empire Theater where apart from punching the bag and shadow boxing she would take on a nine stone male in a two times rounds bout.
The General Secretary of the Variety Artists Federation one Lewis Lee called it"deplorably undignified and certainly not variety"and the British Boxing Board of Control announced it had not given Barbara a licence to box and did not recognise women boxers.
At  the time Barbara was 17 years old and weighed in at seven stone.

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