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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Luise Lockwood vs. Michelle Madison PART2

louise lockwood vs michelle madison PART1

Manchester's favourite sisters get it on in this  two part bout.


I have mentioned before that I often research the forums etc in search of new ideas and inspiration.
Recently I scanned through some old Yahoo Groups and after wading through the mountains of porno spam came up with some interesting items.

First is this interesting article which I think came from a newspaper some years back.
The lovely Mitzi tells our intrepid reporter of the bitchyness of the business,while failing to mention she is married to promoter Brian Dixon!!!


According to this mornings Daily Mail the recent violence at the football in France is only the start.

The Russians now have girl gangs in training for the next World Cup,the Mail features film and photos.But don't they look rather familiar?Surely many of these have been on Prude Tube for quite some time and while the individual girls may look tough,I'm sure if they got in the ring and put on the gloves a promoter could find them a fight!!!

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Seeing this reminded a fan of what a great place the council estates around Liverpool were if you wanted to see girls fight.
The Skem in question here is Skelmersdale,though I should point out that it's nearer to Wigan than Liverpool I don't doubt it's reputation for tough women who like a fight.

wife pins husband (mixed wrestling)

I wonder how many times this scenario as been played out and did the winner get the champions belt?

Totally Nude Judo ("Island Women")

One for the film buffs this,who are the"actor/actress"in this sequence?
The title here is a little confusing as I believe it to be a German 1980 film Gefangene Frauen released in English as Caged Island Women.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wow! Girl Fight Dominated By Chick Who Could Be Rocky Marciano Reincarnated

Every so often one of these appears and makes me think a girl who can hit like that could go on to make a living in the ring.


If all the girls who have fought topless for the likes of DWW,Festelle and Beka Film were to hold a topless protest outside Prude Tube's head office and I were to film it,would Prude Tube find it inoffensive and not ban it?

Days gone by!!!!

A reminder of the days when Germany's Bierkeller's attracted huge crowds to watch the girls boxing topless.

I am not sure wether this was from a magazine article in Germany or perhaps an advertising flyer from a mail shot.
The only thing I am fairly certain of is that"der dream fight"never did take place.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ellismania 11: Strip Fight

I'm sure someone in the States can explain to those of us in Europe just exactly what this insanity is???

Ellismania 11: Kenda Perez vs. Sam Schacher

Now what on earth is going on here?


Models Wrestling return to action in Paris on Bastille Day in Paris which is a Thursday the 14th of July.

Contact is rather strange as it is done through Twitter while the googling Models Wrestling brings up their website which hasn't been updated for a couple of years.

Monday, 13 June 2016


I know that many fans love Australia's Fight Fit Challenge so this is a great insight into the girls,their training and the fight.

Interview with Bill Wick

I have to thank Zweig from the Mixed Wrestling Forum for first bringing this to light.This interview with the real legend Bill Wick should go down as history as Bill is the only producer who I can think of to give his genuine thoughts on mixed wrestling.


The German Fighter Girl Forum is currently carrying an ad for volunteers or in their wording,victims.

If you fancy a day of being punished in Prague over the weekend of Friday the 22nd to Sunday at noon get your application in now.The address 

Sunday, 12 June 2016


I don't know the girls involved but all credit for a fast moving match which I believe was recorded in Spain.


 My thanks to Johnny Dark on the forum for reproducing this interesting article from the pages of Amazons in Action in 1990.