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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Totally Nude Judo ("Island Women")

One for the film buffs this,who are the"actor/actress"in this sequence?
The title here is a little confusing as I believe it to be a German 1980 film Gefangene Frauen released in English as Caged Island Women.


  1. " ... released in English as Caged Island Women."

    Hmmmmmmm ... Yes, possibly ... but as far as this nude, mixed, judo scene goes this particular scene should be labelled Retarded Island Crap (imho).

    The director must have been asleep or on a bad drug trip because this scene completely busted the stupid-o-meter.

    1. On the contrary. This scene,for it's sheer eroticism, is far superior to the tat produced today. Adults only?