Seeing this reminded a fan of what a great place the council estates around Liverpool were if you wanted to see girls fight.
The Skem in question here is Skelmersdale,though I should point out that it's nearer to Wigan than Liverpool I don't doubt it's reputation for tough women who like a fight.


  1. Although this, too, is dumb as a fart in a mine shaft (like the previous entry from Caged Island Crap, below),I think at least the Skelmersdale girls probably got a lot of fresh air and exercise out of this ... They didn't appear to be really harming each other (which is good) but I was actually more admiring of the lush, green, council estate lawn.

    So forget about the reputations of tough females in Skelmersdale ... These council estate lawns have much better usage to serve (horse-riding; picnics; leisurely walks; photography; etc.).

    Much, Much better usage ...


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