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Saturday, 16 November 2013


Much loved by fans of Festelle was and still is Maggie Jennings who as been a fine ambassador for the sport,having been reported in the press and on tv in her day job as an artist,while never denying her interest in wrestling.
For fans with an interest in art I am told that her works were showing recently at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery which I believe is not too long a walk from the Tottenham Court Road in London's West End.
Interestingly Maggie's sister Paddy had a couple of bouts for Festelle and one of them was against Helen the girl in this featured bout.

Friday, 15 November 2013


 Jitka is one of very few girls whose blood was spilled in that garden,from early in the fight blood came from her nose.It must say something about the punching power of Cathy as she was the girl who spilled Petra's blood in another bout!


This one is quite a puzzler the film Island Women is dubbed into English from Gefangene Frauen a 1980 production by a Swiss company,so the original language would likely have been German.But who were the two combatants. 
Described by one critic as the best women in prison film he as seen.

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Probably too polite a word for this guy,here in the U.K.the girl and her mate  the ref would probably end up in court for some kind of racist offence,having reduced this guy to grunting like an animal.


Over the years lots of popular tv series featured girls fighting,or in this case wrestling.
Think about it how many do you remember?
Your starter is here from 1982,the ever popular Fall Guy.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


By request Clara one of the smaller girls in the DWW line up,but a tough little fighter non the less!!


 Fans in the U.K.are becoming spoiled for choice with the live action around the country.Almost every week a fan lets us know of another promotion that as sprung up.
My thanks to my friends in the East Midlands who found this outfit operating out of Nottingham,Wildcatz headed up by Bernadette Gealy a former wrestler and her partner Chris Barber.They would appear to be only internet based at the moment,but who knows in the future.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I have often wondered why when Monica is on home ground we rarely see so much as a nipple.Yet here we are in Portugal in a bout against Viktoria a regular visitor of Monica and both superb bodies are on show.

Monday, 11 November 2013


One for younger fans to ponder!!
Here in Europe and all over the States and even in the Olympics women in the boxing ring is the norm.
So who was Cat Davis?She was the good looking blonde who took on authority to fight in the New York State.Strangely she came to boxing through her interest in fencing which led her to training in the gym of Sal Algieri where she realised she enjoyed boxing and had a talent for the game.
Algieri formed the Womens Boxing Federation as a vehicle for his protege and later his wife.Interesting also was that Boxing Illustrated refused to report his ratings and results due more than a little doubt with regard to fighters who often appeared under false names with made up records.
One writer in Village Voice publication described Algieri as"a kinky media phenomenon".If he was to be believed his protege pulled a crowd of 8000 in Seattle and his promotions would soon be bigger than those featuring men.As for her record there as got to be some doubt at eleven wins and no losses,as it was a well known that in one bout she took a terrific beating and still won.


Her opponent possibly made a mistake in going for an early breast smother,as Xana gives her some with interest.

Sunday, 10 November 2013


When they were the Danube Women there were some real lookers in their stable and since they became Fighting Dolls,wow!!!
Just look at these for Octobers event.How do they find them?


Fans in Europe often envied Jeff the Ref his job,but sometimes he did have to earn his pay.
Now I never met the guy,but a fan once told me that while doing his job at this event he was really scared when this bout looked to be getting out of control!