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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Helen Quinn vs Mary O'Neill

The travelling people love nothing better thqn a good fight and their women are no exception.

Sweet Saraya Knight V Allysin Kay - Anything Goes Match at Shine 30

For a slightly older wrestler Saraya certainly puts some time in,here she is in a anything goes bout against Allysin Kay
who is no stranger to this kind of combat.Indeed last year she took things a stage further and got in the cage for her first MMA bout.

Friday, 20 May 2016

East Bay Rats Fight Night #8 02/23/2016 Raw Handheld GIRLS FIGHT!!! MMA

A slight varation on the norm from the Rats as the girls forsake boxing for MMA.

All Star Boxing presents Laura Ramsey vs Keela Byars on 3-26-2016

Almost two years after making her debut Keela Byars takes her second bout at the age of 60!!!!
I can only guess that these bouts are unlicenced as I doubt any board of control would allow a woman of that age to get in the ring.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Keela Byars vs Bridgette Davis

I have mentioned many times some of the crazy match ups we have had in recent years here in Europe.
But this really beats em all,the oldest v the biggest and both on their debut!!!

Foxy Boxing - New Wave Knockout v Marilyn (pt 1)

As time passes and you talk of the days past they were all terrific,from the summer of your school days when the sun always shone to when you purchased your first VHS tape featuring the girls of Festelle.
It's only when you see a tape like this that you realise that even in those sunnier days there was also a good amount of highly dubious stuff around.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

4 Rounds Doe?!!!! Daysha Vs Starr

Despite the best efforts of their friends these two refuse to fight fair.

London year???

This stirred the memory of one long time fan who recalled the first he saw of the producer of this was many years back on a visit to the Swish Publications Shop in Newport Court,Soho where super 8 film was projected on to the back of the door in a film booth which he recalls feeding with 50p pieces in order to watch a very grainy film not unlike this and the producer ASF Enterprises.

Peleas y Cachetadas en Telenovelas * 586 *

The Spanish speaking nations are well known for their hot blood and it shows up in their tv shows.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Mixed Wrestling-DWW Beach Female Wrestling

I was in contact with another fan recently who like myself had spent an amount of time in Ibiza around the time many of these were filmed and he too can't understand how he missed out on seeing them take place.


Maddison is obviously a talented young lady but why does she get involved in bouts like this?

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Catfight - Warrioress (2011)

Once they come out of the darkness this is worth a look,what I aren't sure of is the girls taking part.
Could be wrong but I believe one is Cecily Faye
something of an expert in this kind of combat having appeared in a number of similar films.


I have to wonder do all these companies pay this young man?Or does Clay do it for pleasure?And why oh why do we never see
Neko stripped off?