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Friday, 28 October 2016


Just to remind fans that as I mentioned in a post a little while back I am on a flight to Germany for a short break first thing in the morning and due to airport security in the U.K.the trusty laptop will have to stay home.
For this reason the blog must look after itself for a few days while I reach a friends where I can update,this will quite possibly be around Wednesday.

So just to keep the mind ticking over for a day or two a reminder of those halcyon days of Festelle Video with those lovely boxers Debbie
who took on Lisa Canning,Debbie was I believe one of the girls who came from Sheffield in South Yorkshire and Lisa
at one stage looked like she would join the pro ranks.

The other pics are of

Miranda who took on Bindi
and the pics show that despite not being the most skilled boxers they were both clearly marked by the end.

For those fans who let me have their thoughts many thanks and I will update as soon as I am able.


Another of those"celebrity"boxing bouts which German tv as featured in recent years,but this time from Russian tv where Marina Pechenova,singer,model and tv presenter took on fitness trainer Olesya Prazdnikova and even gave their thoughts on the bout in an interview.
If only I understood Russian!!!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Erin Angel vs. Lisa Fury

The very young looking Erin Angel and Lisa Fury in an high energy bout from 2006 at the Wickstead Park Pavilion in Kettering,Northants.

Flo Riley VS Cici Galavis

The credit for finding this as got to go to lollydx on the forum,from the Canadian scene two relative newcomers in an all action bout.I haven't too much detail about
Cici Galavis but I believe the 5'10" Flo Riley
only made her debut in May of this year. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

EU Mixed Wrestling ( Maggie Jennings vs Steve ) HD

I have to admit that this is one that I had never seen before and I stand to be corrected if I am wrong.I am guessing that this was produced by Beatrice Goffin in Belgium.
I have mentioned before that Maggie appeared on the late Russell Harty's tv show being interviewed about her work as an artiste and Russell's interest in her wrestling.What I hadn't realised till recently was that the Daily Telegraph had written a couple of articles about her in 1993.
More recently Maggie was pictured sketching some of the action at one of Monica's events in 2013.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Zulina Muñoz vs Vanesa Lorena Taborda (07.02.2016) BOXING FULL FIGHT

When you see European Champions in their mid thirties having only had a handful of fights you can't help but compare those from places like Mexico where
Zulina Munoz at twenty nine was taking part in her 50th with only one loss and a draw on the downside and this her 28th k.o.
Her opponent Vanesa Lorena Taborda
on the other hand as a more European like record at thirty three she as managed just eight wins from nineteen fights and here was knocked out for the first time.


A white collar bout in the format much prefered by me,without the crash hats.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Pain and Gain | Amazing Wrestling | You Would Love To Be In Ring

And just to complete a matching pair another of those guys who doesn't appear to suffer those urges most guys get.

Wrestling between Caroline Vs Zsolt - Wrestling woman 2016 - Wrestling ...

I can think of a few guys from the Mixed Wrestling Forum who'd love to take Zsolt's place,how long they could stand this treatment for I would think is debatable.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Intergender Wrestling | Just Plain Evil v Devin Lockhart

I have to think there is only one headliner down under as be they male or female JPE is there to give em a bashing.

World`s Strongest Woman-2016. Fantastic medley! Lidiia Hunko and Olga Li...

I had to include this having just spoken with the ex about our trip to Germany later this month.It's bad enough to have to pay extra for over weight luggage on low cost airlines but then to have to carry it between airports,trains and hotels you have to think wouldn't it be nice to get her in training and she could do it herself.