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Friday, 28 October 2016


Just to remind fans that as I mentioned in a post a little while back I am on a flight to Germany for a short break first thing in the morning and due to airport security in the U.K.the trusty laptop will have to stay home.
For this reason the blog must look after itself for a few days while I reach a friends where I can update,this will quite possibly be around Wednesday.

So just to keep the mind ticking over for a day or two a reminder of those halcyon days of Festelle Video with those lovely boxers Debbie
who took on Lisa Canning,Debbie was I believe one of the girls who came from Sheffield in South Yorkshire and Lisa
at one stage looked like she would join the pro ranks.

The other pics are of

Miranda who took on Bindi
and the pics show that despite not being the most skilled boxers they were both clearly marked by the end.

For those fans who let me have their thoughts many thanks and I will update as soon as I am able.


  1. Have (or hope you had) a safe and enjoyable flight going and coming home ...

  2. The Sheffield are created a few great things in the 80 / 90s with Def Leppard and Sheffield Mudlarks ie Becky and others that later participated in such events.
    Helen was another from the various wrestling / video clubs that now have transistioned into the stars we see in an upcoming Lingerie Fighting Championship / Invicta *even reason for why one jobbed a championship: and created the revisited the Barbary Wildcats club in San Francisco. You forgot the UN turned to Wonder Woman as their ambassador... though there is an unique story on the artist / plot line. The Amazon era is returning as is the women's wrestling / grappling scene just as then the era of Ivy Russell and pre WW2 era. Europe is facing its reality with its wave of immigration bringing cultural changes in what was norms in community pools and burqbikinis to its beaches. The scene has come along way Baby *not PC to say anymore. If we could say the peak of today's scene is when Christy Martin brought women boxing to the fore front and now Rousey is the current Peak of the women's mma scene while amateurs / gyms continue to fill up with no gi participants. The flip side we have what was night advertisements in the EU is now niched events with Ligerie Fighting Championships event tonight and netflix picking up a trial season of GLOW a series. Pippa has an upcoming event and most of the women are video / pro wrestlers supplementing each others life style and income. Interesting times indeed for the women and fans alike via social media to niched boards.
    Enjoy your visit... Your Germany crew enjoyed their stories and they will fill in while your away... EU will continue to support their sports and as you've seen from your highlights on here the women are training or using what the learned in school from wrestling, judo, and now bjj on the adult mat club scene.