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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

EU Mixed Wrestling ( Maggie Jennings vs Steve ) HD

I have to admit that this is one that I had never seen before and I stand to be corrected if I am wrong.I am guessing that this was produced by Beatrice Goffin in Belgium.
I have mentioned before that Maggie appeared on the late Russell Harty's tv show being interviewed about her work as an artiste and Russell's interest in her wrestling.What I hadn't realised till recently was that the Daily Telegraph had written a couple of articles about her in 1993.
More recently Maggie was pictured sketching some of the action at one of Monica's events in 2013.


  1. " I am guessing that this was produced by Beatrice Goffin in Belgium. "

    No one comes to mind otherwise, so you're probably right on the money ... What I already did know was that Maggie is also an Excellent artist but it's an added Big Shout-out to her for her renditions at Monica's events ...

    Maggie is a Real Gem ... Lots of class, always ...

    [If interested, here's a good .pdf article of some years ago when Maggie sat down with a decent reporter (someone serious enough to compose a no-nonsense article) to give her fans some initial insight when she started ... click here.]

  2. Fascinating. Thankyou

  3. The women while competitors are still fans of each other. Maggie is a very talented artist with an exceptional gallery to include some of her parable of old man in the sea hold which back in the day Shelby and her did that is a classic end of an era for Maggie fans. Maggie's club and mentoring provided numerous fans / couples a right way to do it and safe at the same time. We like many others in the silent majority are happy to see an updated pic along with her talents still being used to take a moment in time of the action. I believe she's known Helen, Linda, Susan, Claire, and the early Manchester participants.
    Did anyone come up with the Tough Woman championship clip or London Sportsfighters vs Edinurgh Wrestling club of the 83/85 time period as haven't seen them on youtube. One of the pro wrestlers from that era passed away and Sue's husband said the wrestler's were having a reunion for those fans in the UK might want to talk to one of your fans on here.