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And from some back yard in Thailand!!

Bitchy Nightclub Brawl

I don't recall a scene like this in a chinese restaurant but I'm sure many fans in the North West of England will have been reminded of the Chinese Elvis who worked the Manchester area.

Wrestling match between bday girl (Danielle) and the crazy Cheyenne Hot ...

What you'd term a funfight with one girl most concerned her breasts could pop out.

No 15 New from La La Land.

Pixie Lott Charlie XCX Nicole Scherzinger
Todays selection of lovelies were displaying their lack of fashion sense at the Brit Awards the other night.As usual we got their dim witted views on things political.Why if they think I should have to live around people who have yet to master a knife and fork don't they house a boat load around their country mansion's?
My thoughts on the U.K. governments attack on diesel engines had friends in Germany point out to me mention in the press of bans which are proposed from 2018 in cities like Stuttgart where
if your vehicle doesn't comply to exhaust gas norm Euro6 you will not be allowed to drive if there is an extremely high pollutant load.Work that one out!!
Here in Europe when the weather turns bad and the rains come down it quite soon becomes a storm and as to have a name,here in U.K.we have Doris and in Germany they have the male version Thomas.But don't the ladies of Cologne dress well for him?

Xana vs Fred - mixed wrestling

I hadn't realised till it was pointed out to me that Xana is now in her mid forties.
That said what a good advert for wrestling she is or should that be how good wrestling is for keeping a girl in shape?

Красавица Светлана Кулакова-Флоренце Мутони,титул чемпионки мира WBA! 1

Super lightweight champ from Russia is Svetlana Kulakova a 34 year old unbeaten blonde in action against Florence Muthoni who had any number of wins in her homeland Kenya but as been far from a success on the road.
Apparently Miss Kulakova as been known to strip to lacey undies at the weigh in.Interesting!!!


You can only imagine what the reaction would be if either girl had brought along her man to watch this. I doubt sex would be on the menu for a little while after this treatment.


Like me many fans will have followed Models Wrestling onto Twitter because their website hadn't updated for a long time.

Time to celebrate!!!They have updated with many of the recent bouts as well as the older ones available to purchase or download.


Another baffler to me is this,is it from tv or a mainstream film?

Jason Black vs Little Miss Roxxy

There are times when a promotion lets down it's public and lovely as Miss Roxxy is the first sight of the ring announcer in that suit looking like an advert for the local charity shop really set the tone for what was to follow. Where on earth did they find Jason Black?There was probably more meat in the pie I had for dinner and he probably weighs as much as my right leg.


You have to give DWW credit no expense was spared in providing girls with dresses to tear.


Before the print was dry everyone's favourite "roly poly goalie"is forced out of his job at Sutton United as the pie stunt involved a bet. This as apparently breached F.A.rules on gambling fans opinion seems to be that the F.A.have had a sense of humour by-pass. The rules on gambling were brought in some years back after a number of strange bets originating in the Far East proved to be winners,one of the best known was a bet that the floodlights would fail at a certain time during a game.
I would expect the next complaint will be from Alcoholics Anonymous as the goalie was also spotted in the bar at halftime.

sWz : Viper Vs. Laura Wellings - 10 Décembre 2016

Scotland's big girl Viper in action in Switzerland late last year against local favourite Laura Wellings.

Inspector Wears Skirts II

When I watch this I'm glad my ex was practicing judo when we met.


A rare event this two guys take their girls into the yard to fight it out with whips.

No 14.More from Loony Land.

My Hero!!! A couple of nights back Sutton United very much a lower division football team took on the mighty Arsenal in an F.A.Cuptie a match shown on tv.
While Sutton may have lost the match their substitute goalie 45 years old Wayne Shaw reputedly weighing 23 stone(146kilos) was pictured eating a pie and the pics have gone viral,including Der Bild in Germany.The guy as become a hero to thousands of well built men of a certain age the world over. 
It's interesting that this should appear in German newspapers when reports have just come out of Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks as banned the consumption of meat at government functions as it is damaging the environment.
The reaction of Food Minister Christian Schmidt was that he wouldn't have a veggie day by the back door.

Gay or What?

Another of those that leaves me to wonder,here we have a very young looking man being presented with a young mans dream.Was it incredible self control or was he gay?


This came from the Private Collection a relative of Festelle Video,so a poser for their fans who was Mr.X?? Thinking of those close to both outfits,it wasn't Jeff the Ref or Phil so who is behind the mask?


Saturday night saw the worst possible advert for White Collar Boxing when fighting broke out involving around 40 people at the Pavilion Suite,Elland Road home of Leeds United F.C. The event was organised by Golden Gloves Boxing Promotions of Essex who claimed to have adequate security on duty. Obviously not enough to satisfy the Pavilion's management who have now banned future similar events.

Kelly Morgan v Borislava Goranova

A girl who must be due in the ring again shortly as to be Kelly Morgan the 36 year old from Swindon,this was her last bout of 2016 against a durable Borislava Goranova from Sofia in Bulgaria who despite 46 losses on her record as only been stopped five times the last being in 2006.


The final fight from the 1992 film Pushed to the Limit starring and even partly financed by wrestler Mimi Lesseos.This is one film where the fights were easy to stage.


The world of boxing as always had a number of champions at any given weight but now holder of the WBC,WBF,WBU and WIBU titles Nikki Addler will try and add the GBU  and WIBF to her collection as on the 11th of March she will meet Mery Jennifer Rancier for that chance.
The bout is at the Friedrich-Erbert-Halle,Ludwigshafen and is for the Super Middleweight Titles,rather strange as Miss Rancier is renowned as a punching machine and is also listed as a heavyweight who as been around since the year 2000 to mount a record of 7 wins,7 losses and 3 draws all fought in the Dominican Republic,her most active time was last year when she recorded 3 wins by TKO,a draw and a loss by TKO.

No 13.

Sun,sea and lovely girls  the latest from"loopy land"in the news this week. Another crazy holidaymaker on a Jet 2 flight to Ibiza was allowed to get the worse for drink and abuse cabin staff so the pilot landed at Toulouse in France and he was detained by police for eight hours,after which he had to find his own way home to Glasgow by bus.He was fined £3200 and is now being pursued by Jet 2 for £5200 including interest for the disruption of the flight. Latest from the Stoke by election,Muslims are being warned by text message that if they don't vote Labour they will go to hell.What no mention of 72 virgins so the sin doesn't rank as highly as being a suicide bomber!! And from friends in Germany,parents are being warned to destroy the U.S.produced app controlled speech recognition doll"My Friend Cayla" after the German telecommunications watchdog declared it contained illegal espionage apparatus.Surely President Trump can't be involved in that!!
After former …


Television in the UK a few years back ran a comedy series with a character Victor Meldrew who had a catch phrase"I don't believe it",this was my thought when I saw this and realised it had been on Prude Tube for ten days. A friend who as studied recent goings on at P.T.seems to think the way to beat the senior prude is to overwhelm them as this was put on by a Wolfgang Winkel,but Sarah McCloud and any number of Asian names I can't read also feature similar content.


Love these girls they are hot in more ways than one.