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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

No 14.More from Loony Land.

My Hero!!!
A couple of nights back Sutton United very much a lower division football team took on the mighty Arsenal in an F.A.Cuptie a match shown on tv.

While Sutton may have lost the match their substitute goalie 45 years old Wayne Shaw reputedly weighing 23 stone(146kilos) was pictured eating a pie and the pics have gone
viral,including Der Bild in Germany.The guy as become a hero to thousands of well built men of a certain age the world over. 
It's interesting that this should appear in German newspapers when reports have just come out of Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks as banned the consumption of meat at government functions as it is damaging the environment.

The reaction of Food Minister Christian Schmidt was that he wouldn't have a veggie day by the back door.

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