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Monday, 20 February 2017

No 13.

Sun,sea and lovely girls  the latest from"loopy land"in the news this week.
Another crazy holidaymaker on a Jet 2 flight to Ibiza was allowed to get the worse for drink and abuse cabin staff so the pilot landed at Toulouse in France and he was detained by police for eight hours,after which he had to find his own way home to Glasgow by bus.He was fined £3200 and is now being pursued by Jet 2 for £5200 including interest for the disruption of the flight.
Latest from the Stoke by election,Muslims are being warned by text message that if they don't vote Labour they will go to hell.What no mention of 72 virgins so the sin doesn't rank as highly as being a suicide bomber!!
And from friends in Germany,parents are being warned to destroy the U.S.produced app controlled speech recognition doll"My Friend Cayla"
after the German telecommunications watchdog declared it contained illegal espionage apparatus.Surely President Trump can't be involved in that!!
After former Prime Minister Blair and his Chancellor Brown told us to run diesel cars because they were more eco friendly we are told many U.K.cities are to charge an eco tax because we are choking citizens.I forsee a new army in silly hats and hi-viz jackets going round issuing fines to those who refuse to scrap their cars. 

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  1. Hmmmmmm ... £8400 total (plus interest) seems about right for the tosser who completely lost the plot due to his arse-aholic behavior ... I just hope the collectors collect off the damn knob ... Additionally, he should pay off the other passengers who were delayed ...

    Speaking of Labour, if the Muslims vote for other than Labour, they're probably not worried about it because the virgins would probably vote the same way ...

    Regarding 'Murkinland speech-recognition dolls with apparent spy capability, the Germans have good reasons to be concerned ... Our President has already crapped up relations with one member of The Commonwealth (Australia ... which took a hell of a lot of coordination ... How in the hell he managed to do that with a loyal ally like Australia is beyond me .. If I were Australian, I'd contact the 'Murkinland embassy over there and tell the 'Murkinland ambassador to Australia to tell the 'Murkinland President he's a complete pillock and piss off) ... and, FYI, our National Security Advisor (General Michael Flynn) was fired by Trump after only close to 3 weeks on the job and another National Security Council aide was thrown overboard the other day for criticizing Trump ... I support our President overall (as do many of us ... so don't put too much stock in all those anti-Trump protests over here ... they can be misleading ... What goes viral is what the news media likes to showboat for ratings and many times all that crap features lazy sods who are dead from the neck up) ...

    I thought diesel-fueled vehicles were among the worst polluters but apparently I was mistaken ... Not to worry, I'm sure all those gas-fueled vehicles will generate enough tax revenue to pay off ISIS so those arseholes can stop believing why they think fighting and getting their carcasses killed for their caliphate is for the adoration of those virgins ...

    ... then again, if you convert the eco-tax into a reasonable tax (no more than 10%) on bounties paid on dead ISIS fighters, maybe some jackass in the taxation department might see that that's at least worth a try.