The world of boxing as always had a number of champions at any given weight but now holder of the WBC,WBF,WBU and WIBU titles Nikki Addler will try and add the GBU  and WIBF to her collection as on the 11th of March she will meet Mery Jennifer Rancier for that chance.
The bout is at the Friedrich-Erbert-Halle,Ludwigshafen and is for the Super Middleweight Titles,rather strange as Miss Rancier is renowned as a punching machine and is also listed as a heavyweight who as been around since the year 2000 to mount a record of 7 wins,7 losses and 3 draws all fought in the Dominican Republic,her most active time was last year when she recorded 3 wins by TKO,a draw and a loss by TKO.


  1. For Nikki, that's obviously one hell of a career record and she's no doubt one hell of a title holder and even with no wins it's no argument she's one hell of a competitor ...

    ... so regardless of who is or isn't a top competitor or veritable punching machine and in the absence of any protective head gear for her or Rancier , my only hope is the referee is decent enough at this upcoming event to end the fight before any serious injury might happen ...

    You don't need a KO (or even a TKO) to give the audience its money's-worth of satisfaction ...


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