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Friday, 24 February 2017

No 15 New from La La Land.

 Pixie Lott
 Charlie XCX
Nicole Scherzinger
Todays selection of lovelies were displaying their lack of fashion sense at the Brit Awards the other night.As usual we got their dim witted views on things political.Why if they think I should have to live around people who have yet to master a knife and fork don't they house a boat load around their country mansion's?
My thoughts on the U.K. governments attack on diesel engines had friends in Germany point out to me mention in the press of bans which are proposed from 2018 in cities like Stuttgart where
if your vehicle doesn't comply to exhaust gas norm Euro6 you will not be allowed to drive if there is an extremely high pollutant load.Work that one out!!
Here in Europe when the weather turns bad and the rains come down it quite soon becomes a storm and as to have a name,here in U.K.we have Doris and in Germany they have the male version Thomas.But don't the ladies of Cologne dress well for him?

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