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Friday, 2 September 2016

Youtube Responded, But It Gets Even More Confusing...

I thought I was alone in my protest's at Prude Tube's crazy policies.Then I found this guy who it appears is equally baffled.

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  1. Thanks for that Very Relevant 1-1-8 and all I can say for now is Phil's The Man who's spot on with what's wrong with YT's policies, what they're supposed to mean (which is understandable) and how they're implemented (which is un-understandable) ...

    Great points all around.

    I think his major point he definitely lasered is how all the lost ad revenue is sacrificed first if someone, somehow succeeds in YT's "appeals" process for re-monetization of a video later ... It's (obviously) like kicking some "beautiful bastard's" damn ass (his term) initially and then trying to make amends but once the ad revenue is gone it's obviously gone for good ...

    What needs to be done is very simple: Amend the current de-monetization policy (obviously euphemistic for deletion ... another ass-backwards term in YT's arcane T-O-BS) by killing it and have each YT submission that's "de-monetization" bait have an initial "viewer discretion" warning like is so common elsewhere across the full spectrum of commercial and digital broadcast platforms. So what's preventing this easy fix from happening in the first place is what Phil should make every effort to find out ... That would be worthwhile ... It might not make a hill of beans difference but at least it would be worth knowing (imho).