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Monday, 28 November 2016

Have Attitudes Changed???

When you view this you realise why many fans won't admit their interest,like many a similar show you find a couple of guys who admit their interest and confront them with the most hostile audience you can find.
And to top it off you pose a leading question,ask the guy in front of his girlfriend"What do you do after you watch them wrestle?"
Keep pressing the question in the hope the guy will say he as a"J Arthur Rank".
Part two to follow!!

1 comment:

  1. I have seen this before and when I did I already had a good idea of what to expect (as well as the reactions from those on stage and in the audience).

    So I skipped through and fast-forwarded it and even though I didn't see and hear everything word-for-word, based on what I did see and hear I don't think I missed anything significant.

    Over here in 'Murkinland, the moderator for this talk show was a woman by the name of Sally Raphael (whose shows I less-than-rarely watched and even then only in re-runs ... too young to really care when they were first broadcast) ... because like all these fart-a-holic talk shows in 'Murkinland, these shows don't just survive ... Oh no ... they thrive on the controversial, the shock, the disagreeable, the contentious, the in-your-face barf (as in speaking Welsh), the violence-inducing atmosphere, the "let-it-all-hang-out-and-who-gives-a-rat's ass" attitude, the "how-in-the-hell-can-you-say-that ?" back-and-forth, the b.s.-generated aggro crap, etc., etc., etc. ... Get the picture ??? ... So if you piss-agree with someone, you basically want them to put a sock in it and drop dead ...

    The bottom line is that those who privately enjoy fem-vs-fem competitive events with the more violent, sadistic tendencies are never going to persuade those who don't that this is something acceptable or just a "natural" focus of male sexual fantasy ... but yes, there is a Big Difference between enjoying "fake" violence and enjoying real violence (which I sure as hell don't).

    In its time (because this show was probably shown years ago), yes, this show was probably good for the voyeurs, psychos and shrinks to analyze ... but it didn't win any cigars ...