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Monday, 26 June 2017

Just a Thought 34.

Manchester PE Teacher Alexa Collier
is cleared of breaking her former lovers jaw when personal trainer Nicola Lees
went to her home to reveal to Alexa's parents their on,off lesbian relationship.
Sadly the case cost Miss Collier her part time job at Withington Girls School,Manchester.
Oh the Heatwave!!!
We don't get much hot weather in the U.K.but when we do,Wow!!! 

Hairdresser Marissa Sonkur went to Kelso Races with her boyfriend and was filmed having sex behind the beer tent.There performance was posted on Facebook and then went viral.Miss Sonkar
did admit it wasn't the classiest thing she had ever done.
Another tale of School!!
School teacher Amena Nazam Khan
as been banned from the classroom for life after an affair with a pupil she nicknamed"The A Team"after they met at Tong High School,Bradford and she posted naked pictures of herself on Facebook.
The panel that banned her noted that the boys performance had gone down since the affair.His educational performance I would hope!!!

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