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Friday, 18 December 2015


Having mentioned Amazons in Action a number of times and shown a number of front covers from the mag,I have often been asked about it's content.
So my thanks go to a number of contributer's to the forum who have manged to dig out a few old copies of this and other fan favourites.
The first of these also serves as almost a history of Festelle Video and is the thoughts of Phil Ryder about many of the people and places involved in Festelle's heyday.

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  1. "The first of these also serves ..." ... and I say keep 'em coming as much as possible because this type of inside, historical information is hard-to-find and serves a great purpose ...

    So let me also Thank Very Much those contributors who've brought these gems back and allowed them to be shared (and also definitely you for posting them) ... Since these hard-copy mag reports are obviously pre-'Net, I'm estimating the one's shown are from the mid- to late-1980s to early-1990s (someone can correct me on that, otherwise) ... Ryder (and the photographer) apparently knew their stuff very well and should be commended for their reports ... I know there's a hell of a lot out there, esp. from the AIA issues, but it takes time to ferret them out so a I again say Much Appreciation to those who do so ...