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Sunday, 12 March 2017


More of the crazy people but have you ever wondered what inspires someone to go on such a prog?
I mentioned there are a number of these shows in Europe and I have met one guy who appeared on one,his beef was that he felt it time for his wife to stop earning a few quid stripping in bars.Why you may ask?He told a nationwide audience that he felt she was getting too old.Needless to say this did little for his prospects in the bedroom department!!!

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  1. " ... have you ever wondered what inspires someone to go on such a prog ? "

    Yes ... I have ... and one major reason is this: (Click here.)

    I sure as hell can't speak for your friend but over here in 'Murkinland those who agree to appear on such bullshit progs are (in addition to getting paid) also "coached" and made to "rehearse" how to act ... otherwise, how in the hell do you think these shows would attract the type of arse-holes they do ??? ... (They wouldn't, otherwise ...) So garnering all this attention is another factor in feeding their busted egos to incentivize them to appear ...

    Tell your friend he needs to see a shrink and find a way to get into the emotional mood to physically screw his arse off with his wife like there's no end in sight so he can salvage enough marital happiness, decency and respect for her so she doesn't have to bear his insults ... I'm not saying she shouldn't be stripping in the first place [if both of them are comfortable with her doing this, that's fine ... Actually, professional stripping is not necessarily denigrating but can be an art form of high quality if done right ... It's denigrating when it's demeaning to the woman and (in that case) should not be done ...]

    These shows will always have their moronic followers if the producers can always find enough clowns to take their bait for money and a few minutes of live video time ...