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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

UK Girls Mud Wrestling ( Part 1 ) HQ

I found this one very interesting as the short note that goes with it on Prudetube recalls this taking place at a pub in the West End of London in the late eighties.
Now I can't remember working the door at a West End pub at any time,but I do recall a few exciting weekends at a Blackpool Scots themed bar The Jaggie Thistle and the ring announcer's other job was wrestling for promoter Bobbie Baron at the Horse Shoe Show Bar at the Pleasure Beach.

1 comment:

  1. So if similar events were at The Jaggie Thistle or over at Pleasure Beach back then I hope the patrons got their money's worth because this event sucked ... The women are Gorgeous but the yakkin' and blabberin' by everyone kept going till approx. the 6:40 mark and the wrestling was retarded ...

    It appears the only "redeeming quality" was that at least everyone got a good view ...