Mixed Wrestling women Part 3 HD

A good mix of everything from wrestling to judo and for starters the elderly gent whose safety I have feared for.
I mention this because during a phone call to our friend Nadine in Germany I was taken to task by a friend of hers who had taken on one or two challengers and her toughest bouts were against gents of a certain age.
She did go on to explain that unlike younger men they were far slower in stiffening up,this despite the usual sly breast mauling and rarely had to quit for fear of an accident producing a creamy patch on shorts.

Possibly this is why I admire some of those younger guys with so much self control,or I suppose they could be gay!!


  1. I'd just say those those gents of a certain age -- unlike the younger gents -- should be pleased they're not usually making triple-size dolts and wankers out of themselves ... Aside, however, from the above participants (male and female) doing exactly that, I've heard it said from one experienced session wrestler she cautions the male very clearly before they begin that he better understand any attempts of committing any moves for sexual gratification are a good way of getting a good pasting and being shown the door faster than a geezer puffing out of his bloomers.

    She makes a good point (imho).


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