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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

mixed wrestling defeated 2016++EXPLANATION.

Just to explain to readers who have noticed my absence in recent days.I have been sidelined with an old back injury which needed a spot of hospital treatment and also I am waiting for a date for treatment on one of my eyes,which I am hoping will come soon.
With these ongoing problems and forthcoming holidays I will not be able to post on as regular basis!!!
From this Thursday the 14th I shall be away for around ten days and then I shall post as regular as possible subject to hospital visits.


  1. Sorry to hear this- I hope all goes well for you!

  2. I did notice a bit of a posting lag but just thought you were taking a bit of a respite (a Well-deserved respite, I might add).

    So I just want to say I hope you're not in any pain and hope you're going to be 100% all right as you continue to be (as you already are) as good as gold around here ...

    So again, here's my Best Hopes for any speedy treatments and my full-blast success for any improvements and a great Holiday time in the coming days.