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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

No 8.

Tuesday's thought...Over the weekend I had a visit from a long time fan of the scene with a tale of woe many fans will be familiar with.
My friend was first introduced to me a few years ago when we were more involved in the business,he sponsored a few events and often mentioned he would like his wife to take part.Something which never happened,she bought into his fantasy but that was all. 
Since that time the wife as been replaced by a younger model who as luck as it didn't object to his interest and he tells me could have easily have been persuaded.
But that's where things started to go wrong on a recent night out this feisty young lady had words with another girl at the bar and they had to be seperated as slaps were exchanged.She was now up for continuing things outside,at this point our friend got a little scared not wanting to see her get hurt and took her home.

This didn't go down well and as led to a very strained relationship as the subject of her wrestling is now a non starter and if mentioned she always refers back to the night when she was up for a fight and he stopped her.

There is a lesson behind this sorry tale and that is be careful what you wish for!!

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