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Thursday, 6 April 2017


 The nearest we ever came in the our actress's appearing in the boxing ring was when Sam Fox took part in Germany's Promi Boxen and we have never had a similar event on home ground.
 This was mentioned to me the other day by a friend who mentioned that his favourite to take part would be Gemma Atkinson from the soap opera Emmerdale,now it looks very unlikely to happen in the U.K.because a little while back we had a similar show featuring wrestling which was so bad it bombed.
 But if there is to be another Promi Boxen in Germany Gemma certainly looks the part though I aren't sure which station staged the last one,be it Pro7 or Sat1 my friend will be putting her name forward.
 So out of interest do you have a favourite who you always think looks the part when enduring the hours of soap operas many wives inflict on their men?
I have to admit a couple of names were mentioned to me from German tv when I was over there before Christmas and was asking about the aforsaid prog.

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