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Sunday, 2 April 2017

No 19.Just a Thought.

Berlin's Bode Museum the other day had a rather valuable coin stolen the stolen coin is the"Big Maple Leaf"issued by the Canadian Mint in 2007 weighing 100kg's and valued at €1million,bet their insurers love em!!

One of the arguements that always comes up about Europe is that prices throughout Euroland are supposed to be a level playing field.With that in mind if a packet of fags cost around £8 in the U.K.why are the same fags around 4€ in Spain?If a brothel is legal on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg why is it not  legal on Piccadilly in Manchester?

Most of the countries in Europe have seen the low cost airline Easy Jet in their skys and some may remember Easy Cruise the low cost cruise line.What became of them?
So what's their latest venture??
Easyenergy,cut price gas and electricity,for a set price of 5 €uro per month they aim to supply energy at cost price in the Nederlands.

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  1. Re: the "Big Maple Leaf":

    The burglars will no doubt want to melt it down and then have it assayed and cut to measure ... So (international) law enforcement will work together with all legitimate (and, if possible, underground) gold and metallurgical operators, "wholesale" operators and dealers to try and retrieve the gold and nab the criminals ... Due to the nature of gold, once it's melted down it's tougher for the authorities to do anything ... but tracing and detective techniques are improving ...

    Re: Euroland's price differences:

    You always have to figure in the cost of ingredients,energy, labor and transportation (among other factors) to settle on a commodity's local price, regardless of the euro's value continent-wide ...

    Prostitution ??? ... Ha !!! ... Ha !!! ... Ha !!! ...

    Probably begcause the politicians of Hamburg value the tax revenue of immorality higher than the moral value of refraining from selling sex ... even though these particular locations might be a factor in and of themselves ... and the opposite is true for the politicians of Manchester ... I have to support the politicians of Manchester on this one ...