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Friday, 28 April 2017


A friend of mine who lived for a time in Bristol was sure he recognised this as the St.Pauls area of Bristol.


  1. My usual reaction ... (even though I didn't view it and regardless where such activity happens) ...

    (Click here.)

  2. How can people just walk by and go about their business, and not stop and watch these two women fight? I would have stopped and recorded them fighting. I guess they weren't catfight fans!

    1. " How can people just walk by ... ? "

      Probably for a variety of reasons: 1) They couldn't care less (similar to your suggestion at the end of your comments ... 2) It's none of their damn business and don't want to intervene at the risk of causing trouble or harm for themselves... 3) They think the antagonists deserve whatever the hell happens to them for better or worse ...

      Yes ... you obviously need to be concerned about your own safety but if you believe you can do something to stop bullshit like this then don't record it (it only means your concern for human decency sucks) ... DO something to try and stop it (which, from experience, I can say I have) ...

      Enough said ...