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Friday, 27 November 2015


There can be no doubt that girls in the business of fighting be it pro,semi pro,swimsuit,topless or nude have taken on tattoo works,possibly because in times gone by such work was only ever seen on really tough women.

But this must qualify as one of the best if not the best!!!

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  1. " But this must qualify as one of the best if not the best !!! "

    Yes ... It does if you consider the human body to be used as a good canvass ... otherwise, I consider tattoos larger than a few square inches or centimeters to be approaching the realm of what's gross (no matter the "artistic" quality ... and if you show me someone who is tattooed as much as the female on the right -- the one on the left looks just great, although her back side is not visible -- and I'll show you someone who looks as sick as a typical prison inmate on the outside and as stupid and dumb as the inmate must be on the inside) ... Now all that needs to be done is add a frickin' mustache and some more b.s body piercings (like some dumb arse nose or mouth rings ... the one's used on cows would do well) and "decorate" their whole face with a ton of mascara ... That's what you call "artistic" sickness on display ...

    So just give me some natural, clear complexion and skin always ... It really IS much better ...