Little Miss Roxxy Vs Violet O Hara 23/04/2016 CCW

Wrestling as been for years known for posing silly questions,the likes of who's under the mask?
But this video poses a better one with respect too will the real Little Miss Roxxy stand up please!!!

Look at the girl in the ring and then the photo of the Roxxy who appeared in Manchester for Pippa.


  1. Brituk clips you see her blondie's left side so as Ivory said a wrestler's got to eat or pay the bills. The transition of some pros from their offbringing of daughters now WWE stars to amats found on the video mat scene to WWE stardom is a unique cycle of talent pool. Enjoy the ride for one finds the life of wrestler compared to actoress in time and then back to being a normal wife or daughter until the miss the girls or reunions start flahing appearence cash. Enjoy the trip...take it for all its worth.


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