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Saturday, 11 June 2016


My thanks to the fans who update me on the things that happen on that website my ex was recently banished from.More than one as recently put me on to this insight into the workings of Judell and her girls all those years ago.


  1. Very cool old memories. It might be worth noting that the picture of her with Regis was years before his success with Regis & Kelly. Incidentally, Regis may have had a touch of the femwrestling bug, as I also saw him go a fall with the Fabulous Moolah on his little local talk show.

  2. OJ Heller page you can find some of the early discovers of her with P Miller, Ron D, John B, and a few others. Like many amateurs the scene was not behind closed doors though sidebars of wrestling magazines for if you visit ebay archives or nets wrestling magz covers archivists these started after the WW2 mud scene and GI's came back from the german club scene of Hamburg. OJH has a great archive of what happened in the 60s to the film and video era of Eve Allen's triumph days. I hope you get your fans across the pond to talk to Robin / Kristie E for their takes for they were there during the triumph years along with a recent C Dupree sighting. Ice down in Cali is a good chat regarding the muscle era and I see even the BILL W came out of his shell and Islands to make herstory. The best wrestlers during the era has retired though I would still say that Jan H, Joan W, Lee P, Irish, Zen Gal from Cali, and FL Jill along with Europe's Mack, Georgina, Maggie, and Linda A were most athletic and talented roster out there. Thnks for not allowing the posts start mild and grow into a analysis of human psyche / blood thirst as bikini scene would be G compared to what its now. And to think Festelle/TPC were splits just due to norms on the european beaches. Ebs and flows...of the scene and life.