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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Transgender Boy Wins Girls' High School Wrestling Title Amid Controversy

The first thought that came to mind when I saw this was,somewhere there must be a pro wrestling promoter rubbing his hands together with a contract ready to wave in front of this girl/guy.


  1. THAT was a very decent, intelligent, lucid and enlightening discussion about actual problems concerning athletics (with a particular focus on wrestling) and transgendered people ... Over here in 'Murkinland, the issue of transgenderism has come up several times in athletics in general and will doubtless continue to do so in the foreseeable future ... In this particular case, the transgendered male should have been allowed to compete on the male wrestling team and should not have been sent back to the female wrestling team for the referenced event that took place in the state of Texas over here ... I must say (much to the dismay of those who would disagree) that if the reverse situation had presented itself then a transgendered female wrestler should NOT be allowed to compete either way ... Sorry about that but the argument of non-discrimination (again, because in this case wrestling is both a strength-factored as well as a skill-factored sport) takes a back seat to what is fair and appropriate in this case. It would be an unfair advantage for a transgendered female wrestler (who was formerly male) to compete against other females (due to her original, naturally-occuring HIGHER levels of testosterone that existed in her when she WAS male and no doubt enhanced her native strength) and she obviously should also NOT be allowed to compete against other males (because he is now considered a SHE, no matter what the hell you want to label as her gender or sex or whatever) ... What that means is that as far as the sport of wrestling is concerned, transgendered females (who were formerly males) should only be allowed to compete against OTHER transgendered females ...

    Again, SORRY about that to all you transgendered wrestlers and other transgendered-rights people out there but in wrestling that's the way the ball SHOULD bounce ...

  2. [ ... and one more point ...

    No ... I really don't think any promoter would be extra motivated or eager to bring this transgendered wrestler into the pro ranks for any special reason ... Any consideration involving transgendered (potentially pro) wrestlers would have to be done on an individual, case-by-case review ... ]