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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Kim Berley vs Bulla Punk

A lovely sunny day in France and the ladies contest features Bulla Punk 100kg/220lb fourty one year old French woman.
Quite often wrestlers from mainland Europe appear in the the case of the lovely Bulla despite having worked France,Belgium and Germany the last time she was seen in the U.K.was around seven years ago when among other thing she appeared as a tag partner to the Sweet Saraya.


  1. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into this blog, but I wonder if it has become just about pro wrestling. Is it harder to find clips from other genres or a direction the owner want to take it in. I used to love to see the competitive submission and catfight posts but they seem to become much rarer nowadays. Please don't see this as a criticism just wondering if this is a deliberate change of direction or its just easier to find pro stuff, which If I am being honest does nothing for me. I do appreciate your efforts though to keep this going.

  2. Having not had the chance to attend her events, I can't comment on her performance.

    So for now, let me just say if you happen to see her after 7 yrs. and her face and hair-style still look like they were transplanted from the latest vampire movie, tell her she needs to greatly improve her appearance from the neck up. Her head and hair look like they were shot through a mile-long smokestack coated with a ton of burned-out coal ash.

    If she were in a coal mine, even the canaries would start crapping from her looks.