It as long been debated which of Festelle's videos was the best,a conversation I had recently with a long time fan who was lucky enough to have attended a few meetings in the early days when they took place in that smokey room above a pub in South London.
His own favourite goes back to FV26 with the main bout being a 30 minute contest between German born
Ria Klein who had pulled out of her bout on FV22 with a bad nose bleed,her opponent then as here was the lovely Fionna.

My friend recalls a wonderful 30 minutes with two super fit girls giving their all,by the end both were covered in sweat which he found very sexy.
The second bout was a fifteen minute affair featuring Sandra
from Bolton who later took part in a couple of notable boxing bouts and the peroxide blonde Louise
whose pubes were fairly evident and gave the game away.
Due to Blogger policy I am unable to feature video from VK,but for those who wish to view and have access Neil James features this and a few other Festelle works.


  1. who is Neil james? a blogsite...? I would like to see

  2. Would also like some info on Neil James thanks.


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