A great favourite with fans of Festelle was Sherry but I aren't sure who produced this and I didn't manage to catch her opponents name.


  1. Sherri was a good one, not many women could roll with Goffin. Her opponent in this bout was energetic but no match - that last bodyscissors - ouch.

  2. Took her a while to be competitive with Beatrice. Their first few meetings were very one-sided. FV54 was the first competitive match and then two in Beatrice's watch were great battles.

  3. There is a striking difference between Beatrice and Sherry. Beatrice, a noble lady and a skilled wrestler. Sherry, an English ruffian, type trained by street fighting. Sherry a violent wrestler, prefers sneaky an harsh attacks. Her attacks let Beatrice scream and the Belgian gem is obviously afflicted with pain caused by Sherry’s ruthless holds and grabs. Moreover, Sherry is younger and heavier. Cheer Bea’s overwhelming stamina and skills that she finally succeeded. I admire Bea’s braveness to take the risk fighting such a violent and grim opponent.


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