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Monday, 1 May 2017

No 22 Just a Thought.

Don't you just love road signs in other countries?I was relating the story of having passed a sign in the Nederlands close to the German border which named the nearest town as Ibonkem u wankem.
This inspired a friend to sent me this one from Schleswig-Holstein
which roughly translates to Stagger town the German word wanken as a verb means stagger or stumble.
May Day again another protest against President Trump in the States and no doubt Putin will be showing off his latest tanks and rockets in Red Square,while here in the U.K. we celebrate with Morris Men and dancing round the May Pole and celebrate the achievements of the labour movement and their solidarity with their brothers in communist parties in Eastern Europe.

I think I prefer the idea of a nice warm day and pretty girls for scenery!!!

1 comment:

  1. " I think I prefer the idea of a nice warm day and pretty girls for scenery !!! "

    Fully agree !!! ...

    Morris men and Maypole dances ??? ... Hmmmmmm ... A quick Wiki check reveals this is a hell of traditional event long embedded in rich performances of colour and style ...

    So whether it's done on May Day (or any other day), I'd say it looks like a very enjoyable event with good times for everyone (communists or not) ...

    (So click here !!!.)